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At Mosaic Data Science, we are at the forefront of providing AI retail solutions that cater specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities within the retail industry. Our expertise in AI and ML equips retail businesses with the tools needed to foster innovation, amplify operational efficiency, and create unmatched customer experiences. Discover the transformative potential of our AI retail solutions for every facet of your retail operations, from predictive analytics to personalized customer interactions and everything in between.

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AI & ML Benefits Quantified

We are excited to share the remarkable improvements our retail clients have experienced from integrating Mosaic’s AI & ML Solutions. While we maintain confidentiality regarding specific data and outcomes vary among companies, there is a consistent boost in inventory management, customer engagement, and overall retail efficiency.

Supply Chain Automation

Maximize efficiency and reduce overhead with our advanced Supply Chain Automation solutions. Tailored to streamline your inventory management and boost overall supply chain operations, our technology adapts to the dynamic retail environment to keep you ahead of competition.

📦Holding Costs: Reduce by 15-30%
🔄Efficiency Rates: Increase by 20-40%

Customer Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors with our sophisticated Analytics tools. Enhance customer retention and drive sales through targeted marketing strategies and personalized customer experiences.

🎯Customer Retention: Boost by 10-25% 🛒CLTV: Boost by 15-35%


Create compelling, personalized shopping experiences that resonate with your customers. Our personalization tools help increase engagement and conversion rates, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

❤️Engagement: Increase by 20-40%
🔄Conversion Rates: Boost by 5-20%


Refine your marketing efforts with advanced segmentation capabilities. Increase your marketing ROI and enhance targeting accuracy, ensuring that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.

🎯Marketing ROI: Improve by 15-35%
🔍Targeting Accuracy: Enhance by 25%

Neural SKU Search

Navigate the complexities of diverse product catalogs with our Neural Search solutions. Reduce costs associated with tariffs, minimize compliance risks, and quickly access SKU-level information, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

🔍Data Retrieval Times: Cut by 90%
🌍Tariff Costs: Reduce by 10-20%

Pricing Optimization

Utilize our Pricing Analytics to dynamically adjust prices based on real-time market data and consumer behavior. Stay competitive and increase your profitability margins while improving sales volumes through strategic pricing decisions.

💲Profit Margins: Increase by 5-15%
💰Stockouts: Cut by 15-25%


Decisions Made Better With Mosaic’s AI Retail Solutions & Services

Click to discover how Mosaic Data Science has revolutionized retail firms by embracing cutting-edge AI solutions, enhancing customer segmentation, demand forecasting, logistics support, pricing, and streamlining retail operations for growth and efficiency.

  • Demand-Driven Supply Chain

    Mosaic uses AI to combine historical and real-time data, to identify patterns that traditional forecasting would have missed, layering optimization to prescribe inventory decisions.
  • Customer Behavior Prediction

    Utilize our advanced AI modeling to anticipate customer needs, tailor marketing efforts, and boost customer loyalty and retention, ensuring your strategies resonate with target audiences for maximized engagement and sales​.
  • Pricing Automation

    Mosaic fuses several dynamic data sources to build actionable enterprise AI pricing systems.
  • Tariff GPT

    The ability to automate the tariff classification analysis and selection process harbors the possibility for significant cost savings for both the broker and the customer.

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your inventory levels and supply chain operations with AI-driven insights, reducing costs and ensuring products are in the right place at the right time, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency​.

Mosaic brought cutting-edge techniques from machine learning, predictive analytics, and data engineering to help a global retailer optimize their merchant buying decisions. The client now better understands their apparel and footwear demand, allowing them to make decisions that decrease stockouts, reduce end-of-season markdowns, and increase revenues at the item level.

Customer Churn Predictions powered by Machine Learning

Mosaic’s client, a leader in the retail energy industry, had seen a sharp rise in customer attrition. Recognizing the implications to their business in having to win new customers at a steep cost, they wanted to prevent further customer loss by learning why customers were terminating service. They turned to Mosaic, a trusted partner who had helped them identify regions to successfully target new customers using unsupervised learning techniques.

Maximize Revenue with Custom Artificial Intelligence Pricing Tools

Leverage AI to dynamically optimize pricing, promotions, and product placement, ensuring that your marketing and merchandising strategies are not only effective but also maximize revenue and profit margins​.

In partnering with Mosaic’s hands-on, expert team of data scientists, our global retail client was able to achieve reliable estimates of how their pricing decisions will impact demand, empowering them to begin optimizing and standardizing pricing across the business to maximize returns. The models also helped the retailer save dozens of hours in manpower by trading outdated, legacy tools for powerful, accurate results.

Automating Tariff Assignments with NLP

Mosaic helped a North American provider of trade consulting and international freight forwarding services evaluate and improve an NLP solution that automates the tariff classification process, saving valuable resources and reducing risk while improving the customer experience.

Mosaic leveraged the company’s existing customer data to design and evaluate a series of supervised learning models that successfully automated the tariff application process, delivered accurate recommendations for chapters and sections, and reduced the time and resources spent coming through classifications.  

Why Partner with Mosaic?

Our collaborative ethos means we integrate closely with your team, ensuring our AI retail solutions align seamlessly with your business objectives. Mosaic Data Science stands as your strategic partner, steering you through the digital retail transformation.

ML-Driven Demand Sensing

Use AI Retail Solutions to anticipate market trends and customer demands, optimizing inventory management and minimizing waste.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Elevate customer experiences with bespoke offers and recommendations, bolstering loyalty and driving sales.

Intelligent Pricing

Harness the power of AI Retail Solutions to dynamically adjust prices based on real-time market data, competitor pricing, and customer demand insights. This strategic approach ensures competitiveness, maximizes profit margins and responds agilely to market changes.

Operational Efficiency

Refine operations from the back office to the sales floor with AI-optimized logistics and staffing strategies.

Choose Your Engagement Path

Mosaic offers services and tools that we tailor to AI retail solutions.

Explainable AI & BIas Auditing

As AI models become more complex, their decision-making processes can appear opaque. Explainable AI (XAI) is the key to unlocking the “black box” of AI systems, providing transparency and insights.
  • Model Evaluation & MLOps
  • Bias Auditing
  • AI Safety Framework Development
  • Deployment of Explainable Models Builds Trust in AI System

Rent A Data Scientist™

Mosaic helps customers fight the AI & machine learning talent shortage by providing quick, flexible access to our North American-based data scientists, who remain committed to your projects, avoiding attrition for higher-paying roles.
  • Access To Award Winning Data Science
  • Resource Flexibility Based On Development Cycles
  • Neutral Third-Party Innovation
  • AI/ML Tool Documentation & User Guides – No More Black Boxes

Project ID & Execution

Our AI and ML project support engagement model ensures that we scope out targeted use cases and build custom AI/ML models that deliver precise predictions and prescriptions tailored to your unique needs.
  • IP Ownership For Future Growth
  • Knowledge Transfer For Empowered Teams
  • Custom Source Code for Competitive Advantage
  • Post-Deployment Support

Decision Dynamics

From operational enhancements to strategic decision support, our Data-Driven Decision Dynamics service is about crafting tailor-made software that aligns with your goals, optimizes decisions, and propels your business forward.
  • Tailored Process Optimization
  • Combines Premier Agile Development with Cutting-Edge AI & ML
  • Engineers Custom Tools for Enhanced Accuracy & Speed
  • Data-Driven Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Neural Search Engine

Our Neural Search Engine is not just another search tool; it’s an intelligent solution crafted from years of data science expertise. Unlike off-the-shelf products, our engine is customized to align with your unique data landscapes, offering unparalleled accuracy in document retrieval.
  • Instant, Accurate Answers from Your Data
  • LLM-Powered Insights for Every Business
  • Named Top Insight Engine Of 2024 By CIO Review
  • Secure & Scale Your AI Search
  • Democratize Insights


Mosaic.deploy is a comprehensive MLOps framework and platform designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of machine learning models—from development and testing to deployment and monitoring. Fast-track your ML development.
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Cloud Integration
  • Sustainable MLOps
  • Post-Deployment Support
  • Cost-Effective & Scalable

Transforming Retail with Tailored Solutions & Services

Embark on a journey of transformation with Mosaic Data Science . Together, we will unlock new retail possibilities and redefine the future of your business.

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