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Mosaic Data Science stands at the forefront of AI-driven pharmaceutical innovations, ready to transform the pharmaceutical sector. Our expertise uniquely positions us to empower pharmaceutical firms by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, driving forward innovation, operational efficiency, and enhanced patient care.

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AI & ML Benefits Quantified

We are proud to share aggregated outcomes and general benefits realized by our pharmaceutical clients from deploying Mosaic’s AI & ML Solutions. While specific results and data are confidential, and firms’ metrics vary, we consistently observe significant advancements in drug discovery, clinical trial efficiency, and patient outcome management across the industry.

Sensor Patient Monitoring

Utilize AI with wearable devices for continuous monitoring and predictive health management, enhancing patient outcomes through real-time health insights.

📉Biomarker Accuracy: Improve 40%
🏥Readmissions: Reduce by 20-40%
💊Treatment Adherence: Increase 45%

Personalized Patient Care

Utilize AI and ML to create personalized treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs, significantly improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

📈Treatment Efficacy: Boost 20-40%
🚑Readmission Rate: Drop by 25%
😊Patient Satisfaction: Increase 35%

Sales Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics for precise targeting and segmentation in pharmaceutical sales, enhancing ROI and customer lifetime value.

🎯Conversion Rates: Improve 10-30%
💰Marketing ROI: Increase by 15-35%
🤝CLTV: Raise by 15-30%

Clinical Trial Forecasting

Optimize clinical trials with AI to enhance efficiency, trial design, and patient retention while reducing time and costs

🕒Patient Retention: Boost by 35-55%
⚖️Compliance: Enhance by 10-15%
🔮Forecast Accuracy: Increase 40-65%

Neural Search

Transform document management in pharmaceuticals with neural search technology, boosting compliance and operational efficiency.

📑Data Access: Improve by 70%
📈Compliance Rates: Increase by 50%
🛠️ Productivity: Boost by 20-45%

Drug Discovery

Accelerate drug discovery with AI, efficiently screening chemical libraries and identifying promising candidates, reducing timelines and costs.

🕖Discovery Timelines: Cut by 20-40%
🔬Molecule Screening: Enhance 40%
💸R&D Costs: Reduce by 15-30%


Revolutionizing Pharma with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Discover the impact of Mosaic Data Science’s AI-driven pharmaceutical innovations on the industry, from accelerating drug development processes to personalizing patient care and optimizing clinical trials. Our AI solutions are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical industry, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

  • Personalized Patient Care

    Leveraging AI, we offer solutions that enable personalized treatment plans, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Clinical Trial Efficiency

    Optimize your clinical trials with AI, from selecting the ideal candidates to real-time monitoring for patient safety, ensuring more efficient and effective trials.
  • Operational Excellence with NLP

    AI Solutions for Pharma transform operations, from supply chain management to predictive maintenance, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Accelerated Drug Discovery

    Our AI Solutions for Pharma streamline the drug discovery process, making it faster and more cost-effective to bring new treatments to market.

Use AI & ML to Develop DNA-Based Disease Risk Models

Mosaic has been working with a leading pet Biotech company on integrating machine learning into the organization’s products, giving pet owners more visibility into the quality of life their pets have by identifying genetic traits that may impact their health or behavior. Not only did Mosaic bring innovative & creative machine-learning approaches, but we were also able to help the Biotech firm meet development deadlines in developing predictive pet disease analytics.

Predictive analytics is a versatile technique that helps organizations unlock vital information by analyzing patterns and observing trends within specific conditions to determine the most likely outcome.

Mosaic Enables more Reliable Trials with Tailored Data Analytics

The only way to get new medicines to market is to run them through a clinical trial. After a potentially lengthy and expensive drug development period and rising clinical trial costs, it is no surprise that pharmaceutical firms invest substantially in designing the perfect trial. Even so, close to 80% of trials face completion delays. According to Pharmafile, the financial impact of clinical trial delays can be substantial: losses of $0.6M–$8M per day in subsequent sales can be attributed to these delays. While there are various causes of clinical trial delays, Intralinks found that delayed patient recruitment & enrollment caused study delays in 41% of trial sites, making it the second-leading cause of such delays.  

Reliable recruitment forecasts can enable more realistic recruitment expectations, leading to improvements in decisions related to clinical trials, such as the selection of a baseline trial recruitment plan, how many and which sites and investigators to select for a trial, and when and how to intervene to improve recruitment during a trial.

Pharma NLP & LLM Tuning for Enterprise Neural Search

One of the leading reasons for distrust is that deep learning that powers AI tends to operate as a black box with limited human context. The field of Contextual AI is gaining momentum in the marketplace as more and more people turn to deploying AI to automate & innovate decision-making processes across their organizations. Contextual AI is a technology that takes a human-centric approach to AI, understanding human context as interacts with humans. Contextual AI is intended to become a tool that will help set organizations apart from their competitors. Early adopters will see huge benefits in saving time and improving strategic & operational decisions.

One such Contextual AI opportunity is the ability to develop an enterprise search engine. Contextual search can be labeled as a search capability that focuses on the context of the user-generated query, including the user’s original intent, to show the most relevant set of results. It is quite different from traditional search technologies, which focus only on keyword matching.

Expedited Drug Discovery & Precision Medicine with Graph Neural Networks

Advanced graph analytics solutions, a powerful tool in the AI Solutions for Pharma toolbox, can analyze various medical knowledge data about medicines, treatments, results, and patients and perform “hypothesis generation” to determine promising treatments for particular diseases. Graph technology can fortify precision medicine applications by fusing information from knowledge graphs and other data sources to anticipate problems and complications from other medications the patient is taking to predict undesirable symptoms.

Why Partner with Mosaic?

Mosaic Data Science is not just a provider of AI Solutions for Pharma firms; we are a strategic partner committed to advancing the industry. Our collaborative approach ensures our AI-driven pharmaceutical innovations align with your strategic goals, addressing the unique challenges of the pharma sector and setting new benchmarks for innovation and efficiency.

Enhance R&D Processes

Implement AI Solutions for Pharma to accelerate your R&D, reducing time from discovery to market.

Elevate Patient Treatment

Utilize AI for diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, offering patients the most effective care.

Extract Signal from Noise in Sensor Data

Mosaic helps customers turn sensor data into actionable insights.

Streamline Operations

Apply AI solutions to improve inventory management, supply chain logistics, and production processes, achieving higher operational efficiency.

Choose Your Engagement Path

Mosaic offers services and tools that we tailor to our AI solutions for pharma.

Explainable AI & BIas Auditing

As AI models become more complex, their decision-making processes can appear opaque. Explainable AI (XAI) is the key to unlocking the “black box” of AI systems, providing transparency and insights.
  • Model Evaluation & MLOps
  • Bias Auditing
  • AI Safety Framework Development
  • Deployment of Explainable Models Builds Trust in AI System

Rent A Data Scientist™

Mosaic helps customers fight the AI & machine learning talent shortage by providing quick, flexible access to our North American-based data scientists, who remain committed to your projects, avoiding attrition for higher-paying roles.
  • Access To Award Winning Data Science
  • Resource Flexibility Based On Development Cycles
  • Neutral Third-Party Innovation
  • AI/ML Tool Documentation & User Guides – No More Black Boxes

Project ID & Execution

Our AI and ML project support engagement model ensures that we scope out targeted use cases and build custom AI/ML models that deliver precise predictions and prescriptions tailored to your unique needs.
  • IP Ownership For Future Growth
  • Knowledge Transfer For Empowered Teams
  • Custom Source Code for Competitive Advantage
  • Post-Deployment Support

Decision Dynamics

From operational enhancements to strategic decision support, our Data-Driven Decision Dynamics service is about crafting tailor-made software that aligns with your goals, optimizes decisions, and propels your business forward.
  • Tailored Process Optimization
  • Combines Premier Agile Development with Cutting-Edge AI & ML
  • Engineers Custom Tools for Enhanced Accuracy & Speed
  • Data-Driven Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Neural Search Engine

Our Neural Search Engine is not just another search tool; it’s an intelligent solution crafted from years of data science expertise. Unlike off-the-shelf products, our engine is customized to align with your unique data landscapes, offering unparalleled accuracy in document retrieval.
  • Instant, Accurate Answers from Your Data
  • LLM-Powered Insights for Every Business
  • Named Top Insight Engine Of 2024 By CIO Review
  • Secure & Scale Your AI Search
  • Democratize Insights


Mosaic.deploy is a comprehensive MLOps framework and platform designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of machine learning models—from development and testing to deployment and monitoring. Fast-track your ML development.
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Cloud Integration
  • Sustainable MLOps
  • Post-Deployment Support
  • Cost-Effective & Scalable

Embrace AI-Driven Innovation with Mosaic Data Science

Embark on a journey of digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry with Mosaic Data Science . Together, let’s explore the potential of AI Solutions for Pharma to unlock new potential for your company, leading the way in drug discovery, patient care, and operational efficiency.

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