AI and Machine Learning Expertise On-Demand: Rent a Data Scientist™

Our Rent a Data Scientist™ (RaDS) service provides flexible, hourly access to our award-winning team of data scientists. Whether you’re augmenting your analytics team, require seasoned mentoring, or need specific expertise for a larger software project, our data scientists integrate seamlessly with your team, driving impactful results.

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Your Success Is Our Commitment

At Mosaic, we prioritize your success by delivering tailored AI/ML software & strategies that enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. Our Rent a Data Scientist™ service ensures you have the expertise you need when you need it. Benefits:

  • Immediate Expertise: Access top-tier North American-based data science talent, available for both short-term and long-term engagements.

  • Adaptive Strategies: Receive customized analytics strategies that evolve with your business needs, ensuring agility and innovation.

  • Scalable Software: Implement flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your data and use cases.

  • Cost-Effective Excellence: Leverage cutting-edge AI/ML expertise to unlock new opportunities and drive revenue growth.


AI/ML Value Without the Overhead

For firms seeking expert AI and ML support, Rent a Data Scientist™ offers a flexible and efficient solution. Supplement your existing projects or initiate new ones with our on-demand talent tailored to your needs. We provide measurable benefits, including:

  • 50-80% reduction in project completion time

  • 25% increase in productivity

  • 60% reduction in staffing costs


Our Employees Driving Towards Your Success

With Rent a Data Scientist™, you gain more than just expertise; you gain a proactive partner dedicated to your long-term success.

  • Continuous Support and Training: Equip your team for future AI challenges with ongoing support and training.

  • Strategic Reviews and Insights: Engage our experts for model reviews, new use case development, and performance evaluations.

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction: Enjoy an 89% retention rate, validated by hundreds of successful deployments.

  • Targeted Execution: Break down complex problems into projects that deliver results in weeks and months, not years.

Explore Our 3-Phase Approach to AI/ML Software Development

Business and Decision Mapping

In this initial phase, we define your unique business challenges and map the decision processes. Through collaborative workshops, we assess both the data available for making decisions and the effectiveness of past decisions. This step is crucial for identifying the specific software or analytics tools needed to drive more efficient outcomes and redefining your business processes to incorporate these technologies.

Adapting Cutting-Edge Tech

Here, we move beyond generic AI to develop a solution precisely tailored to your business needs. This involves a deep dive into your operational processes, data maturity, and tech capabilities to craft a custom analytics solution through ML, optimization, or AI. Our approach ensures the solution perfectly aligns with your business requirements and operational realities.

Deployment and Agile Improvement

The final phase focuses on deploying the tailored decision support application, ensuring it directly supports a specific decision or business process. We employ MLOps practices for model monitoring and include human-in-the-loop processes for continuous improvement. We measure the impact of our solution on your business outcomes and make agile adjustments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Rent a Data Scientist™ Engagement Benefits

Seamless Integration

Our data scientists work as an extension of your team, providing the support you need without the overhead of full-time hires. This flexibility allows you to scale your AI initiatives efficiently.

Support on Demand

Access highly skilled data scientists when you need them. Our experts bring extensive industry experience and cutting-edge knowledge to your projects, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Strategic Coaching

Beyond staffing, our experts offer strategic consulting services to evaluate model performance, identify biases, and develop AI roadmaps. Gain insights and guidance to optimize your AI projects and drive business growth.

Future Proof Your AI

Prepare for the exponential growth of AI across industries with our forward-thinking approach. Our data scientists stay on top of the latest advancements, ensuring your projects remain cutting-edge.

Proven Success

With over 200 successful projects and an 89% customer retention rate, Mosaic’s data scientists have a track record of delivering results. Our tailored approach ensures your specific needs are met with precision and expertise.

Legacy of Innovation

Since 2004, Mosaic has been a pioneer in AI and ML. Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries means delivering not just solutions, but transformations that redefine market standards.

Deliver on the Promise of AI with On-Demand Expertise

Discover the transformative impact of Mosaic’s Rent a Data Scientist ™ program on your AI and ML efforts. Drive innovation, efficiency, and growth with the help of our experts.


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Say About Us

Our innovative rent a data scientist engagements help address traditional challenges, guiding you in initiating your data projects with specialized expertise tailored to specific issues.

Head of Data Science

Global Pharmaceutical Company

“We’ve found Mosaic to possess the rare traits of creativity, technical knowledge, and practical development to enable AI/ML adoption across our organization. Having access to their team through the RaDS program accelerates our innovation.”

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