Targeted AI & ML Software Development: Reap the Benefits of a Custom Approach

At Mosaic Data Science, we specialize in building custom AI/ML applications that help you run your business better. Unlike off-the-shelf software, our bespoke software tools are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, operations, and engineering teams. Our project-oriented offering focuses on delivering tangible value, driving efficiency, and supporting strategic goals.

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AI & ML Apps That Deliver

At Mosaic Data Science, we are passionate about transforming businesses with cutting-edge AI and ML solutions. Gartner estimates that 85% of AI & ML projects will deliver erroneous outcomes due to analytics immaturity. Be part of the 15% with Mosaic.

  • Comprehensive Software Development: Whether supporting an existing team, providing outside expertise, or managing end-to-end projects, we offer extensive AI/ML guides and documentation to ensure you’re prepared for ongoing software evolutions.

  • Exclusive Ownership and Growth: Gain competitive advantages with custom AI/ML source code and IP ownership, ensuring sustained growth and industry leadership.

  • Empowering Knowledge Transfer: We prioritize transparent communication, explaining every decision to foster your team’s long-term capability and independence in analytics.

Quantifiable BENEFITS

Accelerate AI/ML Project Execution

Achieve transformative results with strategically segmented projects. Partner with Mosaic Data Science to streamline AI/ML project execution. We help companies identify the right use cases for AI, delivering tailored scoping for quick wins and substantial ROI. With our expertise, take the stress out of AI/ML projects and drive meaningful business outcomes.

  • 60-80% reduction in project completion time

  • 30-40% increase in ROI

  • 20% reduction in development costs


Deliver Insights That Matter

At Mosaic, our commitment extends beyond software deployment. We deliver on the promise of AI & ML by providing ongoing support, training, and consultation. This ensures your team can confidently manage, scale, and realize the full potential of your AI operations, driving continuous growth and success.

  • Expert Guidance: Mosaic’s dedicated data scientists bring the latest AI/ML knowledge to your projects, ensuring your business is well-positioned for the future of artificial intelligence.

  • Comprehensive Support: Clients often seek our project leads to review existing models, brainstorm additional use cases, or evaluate teams and analytics tools.

  • Extensive Experience: With over 200 successful projects, Mosaic confidently navigates complex technologies to provide the best fit for your needs.

  • Mosaic brings a broad depth of experience from 200+ successful projects, ensuring we confidently navigate these technologies to provide you with the best fit.

Explore Our 3-Phase Approach to AI/ML Software Development

Business and Decision Mapping

In this initial phase, we define your unique business challenges and map the decision processes. Through collaborative workshops, we assess both the data available for making decisions and the effectiveness of past decisions. This step is crucial for identifying the specific software or analytics tools needed to drive more efficient outcomes and redefining your business processes to incorporate these technologies.

Adapting Cutting-Edge Tech

Here, we move beyond generic AI to develop a solution precisely tailored to your business needs. This involves a deep dive into your operational processes, data maturity, and tech capabilities to craft a custom analytics solution through ML, optimization, or AI. Our approach ensures the solution perfectly aligns with your business requirements and operational realities.

Deployment and Agile Improvement

The final phase focuses on deploying the tailored decision support application, ensuring it directly supports a specific decision or business process. We employ MLOps practices for model monitoring and include human-in-the-loop processes for continuous improvement. We measure the impact of our solution on your business outcomes and make agile adjustments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

AI & ML Project Support Engagement Benefits

Targeted Scoping

All our AI and ML project deployments are time and materials-based, leveraging our 300+ years of combined analytics expertise. Our collaborative, outcome-focused projects ensure the most relevant, effective software.

Proven Value & Experience

Since 2004, Mosaic has been at the forefront of AI and ML advancements, delivering custom software that creates significant value for diverse clients.

Creative Solutions for Legacy Problems

Transform traditional cost centers into revenue-generating opportunities with our innovative, data-driven strategies, driving top-line growth with AI and ML-powered software.

Specialized Skill Sets

Our data science team offers specialized skill sets to solve your complex problems. With extensive industry experience, we ensure efficiency and effectiveness in every AI/ML project.

Agile Analytics

From scaling pioneering AI initiatives to refining mature projects, our bespoke services keep your business agile and at the cutting edge.

Rapid, Impactful Results

Focus on quick wins with substantial ROI. Our AI and ML software delivers transformative results through strategically segmented projects within 1-3 months.

Ready to Advance Your AI and ML Initiatives with Custom Software?

Discover how Mosaic Data Science can accelerate your AI/ML projects, driving innovation, efficiency, and growth with targeted AI and ML project support.


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Our innovative data analytics solutions help address traditional challenges, guiding you in initiating your data projects with specialized expertise tailored to specific issues.

VP, Operational Excellence

Global Manufacturing Company

“Using Mosaic’s AI/ML project support, we could significantly streamline our data analytics processes. The intuitive guidance and expert advice available at every step enhanced our project outcomes and accelerated our innovation pipeline.”

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