Unleash the Power of NextGen Search: Mosaic’s Neural Search Engine Delivers Beyond GenAI

Mosaic Neural Search, recognized as the top insight engine of 2024 by CIO Review, transcends the limitations of off-the-shelf Generative AI (GenAI) tools. Our tailored, scalable, and multi-modal search solution unlocks insights from diverse data formats. By integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, we ensure security, flexibility, and the avoidance of vendor lock-in. This approach gives you complete control over your data and the freedom to select the best AI tools for your unique needs.

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Supercharge Search: Harness the Power of Next-Gen LLM Applications

Mosaic Neural Search revolutionizes search capabilities by leveraging advanced LLMs to provide contextual insights beyond simple document retrieval. This enables better decision-making through unparalleled accuracy and seamless integration with existing systems. Our customizable approach ensures the solution fits perfectly with your unique requirements

  • Fine tuned-NLP to grasp document context, providing relevant results.

  • Expand Search Capabilities: Go beyond text with advanced LLM-powered search across all data types.

  • Collaborative Intelligence: We partner with you to determine the appropriate pieces of our framework meet your needs.

  • Platform Agnostic Integration: Seamlessly integrate Mosaic Neural Search with any platform for a truly flexible and future-proof solution.

Quantifiable BENEFITS

Enhance Process Efficiency

Mosaic Neural Search empowers your organization to unlock more than just documents. Our NextGen AI framework goes beyond simple retrieval, delivering contextual insights that fuel efficient workflows and informed decision-making. By leveraging the power of Mosaic Neural Search, you can:

  • 60-80% reduction data retrieval time

  • 45% increase in compliance rates

  • 20% reduction in operational costs


Future-Proof Your AI

Mosaic Neural Search goes beyond a one-time solution. Our ongoing support, training, and consultation empower your team to adapt and evolve Neural Search alongside your business needs, ensuring a future-proof AI solution.

  • Mosaic brings 20+ of experience in data science and machine learning to solve complex AI problems

  • Track record of successful Neural Search deployments predating the term ‘LLM’

  • 89% customer retention rate

Explore Our 3-Phase Approach to Neural Search Integrations

Business and Decision Mapping

In this initial phase, we define your unique business challenges and map the decision processes. Through collaborative workshops, we assess both the data available for making decisions and the effectiveness of past decisions. This step is crucial for identifying the specific software or analytics tools needed to drive more efficient outcomes and redefining your business processes to incorporate these technologies.

Adapting Mosaic Neural Search

Here, we move beyond generic AI to develop a solution precisely tailored to your business needs. This involves a deep dive into your processes, data maturity, and tech capabilities to integrate the best Neural Search components, balancing performance and compute costs. Our tried and true approach ensures the Neural Search deployment aligns with your business requirements and operational realities.

Deployment and Agile Improvement

The final phase focuses on deploying the Neural Search application, ensuring it directly supports a specific decision or business process. We employ MLOps practices for model monitoring and include human-in-the-loop processes for continuous improvement. We measure the impact of Neural Search on your business outcomes and make agile adjustments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Neural Search Solution Framework Benefits

Track Record of Success

Trusted by businesses across industries, Mosaic Neural Search delivers on the promise of AI by enhancing real-world data discovery and retrieval with the power of contextual insights.


Named the Top Insight Engines Solutions Provider of 2024 by CIO Review magazine. Recognized for our ability to address challenges with cutting-edge tools, Mosaic is at the forefront of AI innovation.

Democratize Insights

Empower everyone in your organization to use natural language to uncover valuable insights hidden within your data.

Rapid Integration

Fill the gaps in your existing AI with Mosaic’s modular architecture. Leverage contextual AI to unlock deeper meaning from your data, ensuring efficient growth.

Context Engine

While RAGs have revolutionized search, Mosaic Neural Search customizes these architectures to deliver contextual insights. Our next-generation architectures leverage cutting-edge advancements in LLMs and GenAI.

Immediate ROI

Free up time, improve decision-making, and minimize risk with Mosaic Neural Search. Our accurate, fatigue-proof tools empower you to leverage the power of contextual insights hidden within vast amounts of data.

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Mosaic Neural Search unlocks the power of next-generation search. Leveraging cutting-edge LLMs, it goes beyond simple document retrieval and delivers contextual insights that empower you to make better decisions. Our customizable approach ensures unmatched accuracy and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.


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Our innovative data analytics solutions help address traditional challenges, guiding you in initiating your data projects with specialized expertise tailored to specific issues.

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“Mosaic’s Neural Search Engine transformed our data retrieval process, turning weeks of work into mere seconds of search. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for how we access and utilize information across our entire organization.”

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