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At Mosaic Data Science, we go beyond conventional AI & ML offerings. We specialize in creating tailored, secure, and scalable analytics tools that integrate seamlessly into your decision-making processes. As a dedicated partner, we offer: 

Customized AI & ML Solutions: Tailoring advanced analytics to meet nuanced business decisions.

Cross-Industry Expertise: Leveraging deep experience across various sectors for creative solutions.

Data Science on Demand: Providing immediate access to top-tier data science talent & resources.

End-to-End Support: From initial concept to production, ensuring seamless integration & success.

Strategic Consulting: Offering expert guidance for optimal AI business process integration.

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Read about the many exciting ways Mosaic leverages cutting-edge data science tools and techniques to help organizations harness their data.

IoT Machine Learning Modeling for Product Development

A hospitality technology disruptor was developing a new sensor suite to detect when a guest was smoking inside a property and distinguish it from approved activities such as cooking. They engaged Mosaic to build time series classification models to identify and alert on smoking events from the streaming sensor data.

AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization 

Using AI to analyze sensor data, Mosaic helped a renewable energy producer optimize furnace temperature to improve wood pellet production efficiency by reducing slag production and pressure buildup and providing control room operators with easy-to-use recommendations for setting furnace controls.

AI Engine Development for Regional Homebuilding

Mosaic helped one of the US’s largest regional homebuilders deploy an artificial intelligence engine that recommends the optimal community features based on different geographic regions. The recommender delivers data-driven insights the company can trust when planning, building, and positioning new communities.

Mosaic Data Science offers our fulltime, North American-based data scientists for analytics services & consulting.

Our headquarters are listed below, but we have been serving our clients remotely for close to a decade.

Get in Touch info@mosaicdatascience.com (866) 202-8600

Offices  540 Fort Evans Rd NE, Ste. 300 Leesburg, VA 20176

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