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Our mission is to help businesses make better decisions, enhance efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth. We build custom AI & Machine Learning software to transform your operations, collaborating closely to create tailored applications addressing your specific needs. With our solutions, you gain a competitive edge without needing to understand AI/ML complexities—just the tangible benefits.

Why Mosaic

Our Unique Value Proposition

At Mosaic Data Science, we harness the power of AI & ML to solve your specific business challenges and drive measurable growth. Our approach ensures that every AI-powered software implementation delivers a strong return on investment (ROI). We align cutting-edge technology with your business goals to achieve lasting success, transforming operations.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

We develop AI-powered software that simplifies your operations. Our custom applications have been used to optimize equipment usage, anticipate customer needs, and detect operational inefficiencies. By automating routine tasks and providing actionable insights, we allow your teams to focus on critical work, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Let us handle the complexities of AI/ML, so you can concentrate on driving your business forward.

Delivering High-Impact AI-Powered Software

In today’s competitive AI/ML landscape, choosing the right partner is crucial. Mosaic Data Science stands out by providing custom AI-driven software that enhances operational decisions and delivers real business value. Our tools are tailored to meet your unique needs, revolutionizing how you operate and offering comprehensive analytics for better decision-making.

Award-Winning Tools for Every Business

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Mosaic crafts personalized AI and ML strategies that drive success. Named the Top AI & Machine Learning Company of 2024 by CIO Review, our software applications improve decision-making, address complex challenges, and help achieve strategic goals across various industries.

Maximizing Your AI Investment

We prioritize your ROI by identifying high-impact use cases, implementing software tools that deliver measurable outcomes, and providing ongoing support. We provide integration, change management, maintenance, and rollout to ensure sustained value from your AI investments.

Adaptable & Tool-Agnostic Approach

Mosaic leverages the best tools and technologies to meet your unique needs. Our adaptable, tool-agnostic approach ensures we build comprehensive software applications that solve your specific problems, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness without being constrained by specific platforms.

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We Tailor AI/ML Software to Your Needs

Mosaic goes beyond one-size-fits-all approaches. We specialize in predictive and prescriptive analytics, using the right data science tools to solve your unique challenges. Explore our core offerings below:

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Success Stories

Discover how Mosaic’s custom AI-powered software transforms businesses by driving operational efficiency, enhancing decision-making, and delivering measurable growth. Our state-of-the-art data science tools turn data into strategic assets, achieving tangible results and keeping organizations ahead in a competitive landscape.

Quantifying Commodity Sentiment with AI

In this case study, Mosaic fine-tuned language models to analyze text and quantify public sentiment to explain commodity pricing with AI. Our team used sentiment model outputs to extract insights regarding price trends for a specific commodity and predict future price movements.

IoT Machine Learning Modeling for Product Development

A hospitality technology disruptor was developing a new sensor suite to detect when a guest was smoking inside a property and distinguish it from approved activities such as cooking. They engaged Mosaic to build time series classification models to identify and alert on smoking events from the streaming sensor data.

AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization 

Using AI to analyze sensor data, Mosaic helped a renewable energy producer optimize furnace temperature to improve wood pellet production efficiency by reducing slag production and pressure buildup and providing control room operators with easy-to-use recommendations for setting furnace controls.

AI Software Designed for Growth

At Mosaic, we empower businesses to transform their data into actionable insights and strategic decisions. Our custom AI software drives innovation and growth, using the best tools tailored to your unique needs.
Expertise and Innovation

Expertise and Innovation

Our experienced data scientists bring cutting-edge knowledge and innovative thinking to every project. We deliver advanced, practical software tailored to your specific environment, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

Top AI & Machine Learning Company of 2024

Turnkey AI & ML Software

We provide end-to-end AI/ML services, from strategy development and model deployment to full-stack software development and custom dashboards. Our support extends beyond initial implementation, encompassing integration, change management, rollout assistance, and ongoing maintenance to ensure sustained success.

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Proven Resilience and Success

Since 2004, we have continuously adapted to the evolving AI/ML landscape, ensuring we meet your needs. Our resilience and commitment to innovation help you stay ahead of disruptions and achieve lasting success.

Mosaic employs elite, full-time North American data scientists dedicated to providing expert consulting and precise, efficient execution.

Our headquarters are listed below, but we have been serving our clients remotely for close to a decade.

Get in Touch info@mosaicdatascience.com (866) 202-8600

Offices  540 Fort Evans Rd NE, Ste. 300 Leesburg, VA 20176

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