AI Regulations Are Coming.
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The inadvertent introduction of bias into algorithms poses significant risks to businesses. At Mosaic, we provide strategic consulting to audit algorithms for performance and bias, enhance their explainability, and develop comprehensive ethical AI frameworks. Our services ensure your AI systems are not only accurate but also fair and transparent in their decision-making processes, keeping you ahead of regulatory requirements.

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Keep Bias Out of Your AI

At Mosaic, we follow a rigorous algorithm bias auditing approach in alignment with the AI Risk Management Framework developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our team is helping to shape the future of AI Regulation in the U.S. as part of the NIST’s AI Safety Institute Consortium. What you can expect when hiring Mosaic for Bias Audits & Ethical AI:

  • Model Evaluation and MLOps Integration: Leverage over two decades of mathematical decision-making experience to ensure your AI models are accurate and reliable.

  • Bias Assessment and Fairness Evaluation: Conduct comprehensive evaluations based on pertinent regulations and frameworks, such as those addressing non-discrimination based on race or gender.

  • Root Cause Analysis: Pinpoint the sources of bias through detailed root cause analysis, enhancing understanding of why biases occur in AI model results.

  • Explainable AI Integration: Seamlessly integrate MLOps with explainability tools, ensuring the deployment of explainable models and building trust in your AI systems.


Improve AI Reliability

Integrating bias auditing, MLOps, and Explainable AI techniques into the AI/ML modeling process ensures that your AI systems are ethical, reliable, and compliant with industry standards. This holistic approach enhances decision-making, builds trust, and ensures your AI initiatives deliver consistent and transparent results.

  • 90% reduction in bias auditing time

  • 40 – 60% increase in compliance rates

  • 75% increase in AI trust


Avoid AI Pitfalls: Build Ethical Systems with Mosaic

At Mosaic, we leverage our extensive AI and ML expertise to integrate MLOps and ensure ethical, production-grade AI systems. Our comprehensive approach helps you avoid potential pitfalls and build trustworthy, compliant AI solutions.

Explore Our 3-Phase Approach to AI/ML Software Development

Business and Decision Mapping

In this initial phase, we define your unique business challenges and map the decision processes. Through collaborative workshops, we assess both the data available for making decisions and the effectiveness of past decisions. This step is crucial for identifying the specific software or analytics tools needed to drive more efficient outcomes and redefining your business processes to incorporate these technologies.

Adapting Cutting-Edge Tech

Here, we move beyond generic AI to develop a solution precisely tailored to your business needs. This involves a deep dive into your operational processes, data maturity, and tech capabilities to craft a custom analytics solution through ML, optimization, or AI. Our approach ensures the solution perfectly aligns with your business requirements and operational realities.

Deployment and Agile Improvement

The final phase focuses on deploying the tailored decision support application, ensuring it directly supports a specific decision or business process. We employ MLOps practices for model monitoring and include human-in-the-loop processes for continuous improvement. We measure the impact of our solution on your business outcomes and make agile adjustments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Explainable AI & Bias Auditing Benefits

Comprehensive Audits

Our auditing approach goes beyond prebuilt solutions. We develop custom audits that recommend mitigation strategies that fit seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring ethical AI without sacrificing real business value.

Custom Strategies

Mosaic tailors Ethical AI strategies to your unique needs, whether you’re just starting or scaling up. We ensure seamless integration and execution, keeping your business protected, agile, and innovative.

Compliance-Focused AI

Mosaic’s expertise ensures your AI systems comply with industry standards and regulations. We streamline complex training processes into transparent, auditable pipelines, providing you with peace of mind and operational integrity.

Future-Proof Your AI

Stay ahead of evolving regulations with Mosaic. Our expert data scientists ensure your AI systems are built to adapt, meeting current standards and future requirements. Position your business for long-term success in the rapidly growing AI landscape.

Dedicated XAI Expertise

As AI models become more complex, their decision-making processes can appear opaque. Explainable AI (XAI) is the key to unlocking the “black box” of AI systems, providing transparency and insights into how decisions are made.

Access XAI Expertise

With Mosaic, you gain flexible, on-demand access to top-tier data scientists committed to ethical AI practices. Whether for short-term projects or ongoing support, our experts help you navigate AI complexities, ensuring your solutions are fair, transparent, and compliant.

Ensure Fairness and Transparency in Your AI Systems With Industry Experts

Discover how Mosaic’s Explainable AI & MLOps services can accelerate your AI/ML projects, driving innovation, efficiency, and growth.


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Our innovative data analytics solutions help address traditional challenges, guiding you in initiating your data projects with specialized expertise tailored to specific issues.


Financial Services Company

“In our journey towards digital transformation, Mosaic Data Science has been a cornerstone partner. Their cutting-edge MLOps and Explainable AI services have not only streamlined our operational efficiencies but also significantly boosted our decision-making processes. Their solutions offer a seamless blend of innovation, reliability, and transparency, empowering us to leverage the full potential of our data with unprecedented clarity and confidence.”

Mosaic recommends Explainable AI services and MLOps for any production deployment. Read our XAI thought leadership here.

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