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Mosaic Data Science is at the leading edge of AI healthcare transformation solutions, poised to revolutionize healthcare and medtech industries. Our deep expertise in AI and ML uniquely positions us to empower healthcare organizations, enhancing patient care, clinical trials, and operational efficiency with the latest in AI innovation.

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AI & ML Benefits Quantified

We are proud to share aggregated outcomes and general benefits realized by our healthcare clients from deploying Mosaic’s AI & ML Solutions. While specific results and data are confidential, and firms’ metrics vary, we consistently observe significant advancements in population health, AI-enabled search, and patient outcome management across the industry.

IoT Wearable Integration

Utilize AI to manage real-time monitoring of patient health, early detection of potential health issues, and improved patient engagement and self-management.

💓 Patient Compliance: Increase 20-35%
🛏️ Hospitalization Rates: Reduce 10-25%

Disease Progression

Deploy adaptive AI for early detection and intervention, improve patient outcomes, and prescribe personalized treatment plans.

🚀 Early Detection: Increase by 25-50%
❤️ Patient Outcomes: Improve 15-30%

Population Health

Enhanced management of patient populations, targeted interventions, and reduced overall healthcare costs.

🎯 Emergency Visits: Reduce by 10-20%
🛡️Chronic Complications: Decrease 35%

Scheduling Optimization

Carefully tuned algorithms can improve resource utilization, reduce patient wait times, and enhance staff satisfaction.

⏱️Room Capacity: Boost by 15-25%
🕰️Wait Times: Cut by 20-40%

Neural Document Search

Adaptive AI provides faster access to patient records and administrative documents, improved regulatory compliance, and reduced administrative overhead.

📄Processing Time: Reduce by 40-60%
🛠️Productivity: Boost by 20-45%

Patient Volume Forecasting

Custom AI & ML can improve room capacity projections, offer targeted interventions to prevent re-admissions, and enhance the quality of care.

🏥Re-admission Rates: Cut by 15-30%
💸Cost Savings: 10-20%


Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced AI Solutions

Explore the transformative impact of Mosaic Data Science’s AI healthcare transformation solutions, from improving clinical decision-making processes to optimizing healthcare operations. Our AI solutions are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry, delivering unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

  • Enhancing Clinical Decisions

    With AI, we provide systems that aid in the early detection of diseases, allowing for prompt and personalized treatment plans that improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.
  • AI-Enabled Scheduling

    Discover how Mosaic revolutionizes hospital scheduling, optimizing operations and enhancing patient care through advanced predictive analytics.
  • Secure & Reliable AI Automation

    The expansive potential of GenAI in healthcare signifies a transformative leap in enhancing patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and the overall precision of medical services.
  • ML-Driven Population Health

    Hospitals can change the way they deliver care by understanding their communities through the application of machine learning and statistics.

Charting a Healthier Future: Predictive Analytics for Diabetes Management

Mosaic Data Science collaborated with a leading healthcare IT and innovation company to tackle the challenge of predicting the progression of diabetes. They employed advanced analytics to develop ‘flight path’ models, aiming to improve disease management and treatment outcomes while controlling costs. Through iterative experimentation with clustering, Markov models, and regression-based analytics, Mosaic derived insights from extensive patient data. This approach enabled the identification of high-risk patients early on, facilitating timely intervention and enhancing the effectiveness of diabetes care strategies.

Optimizing Surgical Schedules: A Predictive Approach to Enhancing OR Efficiency

Mosaic Data Science developed predictive models for a Midwest hospital system aiming to optimize elective surgery scheduling and enhance daily surgeon workflows. By accurately predicting surgery durations, Mosaic reduced scheduling errors, minimized operating room downtime, and addressed overestimations that previously led to scheduling inefficiencies. This approach significantly improved scheduling decisions, aiding in the hospital’s transformation efforts towards better patient care and operational efficiency.

Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy: AI’s Broad Impact in Healthcare Operations

Mosaic Data Science optimized email processing for a large healthcare system, automating the identification of critical purchase order confirmations using NLP and logistic regression models. This solution significantly reduced manual review workloads and minimized the risk of overlooked exceptions, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring critical medical supplies and equipment were timely stocked, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and hospital operations.

Crafting Community Care: Innovating Population Health with Predictive Analytics

Mosaic Data Science partnered with a leading children’s healthcare network to develop a Community Complexity Score (CCS), leveraging advanced machine learning modeling to quantify community-level risk factors impacting healthcare utilization. This innovative approach enabled the hospital to identify key drivers of health service demand in specific geographic areas, guiding targeted interventions for population health management and improving decision-making for both clinical and community outreach efforts. This case study exemplifies Mosaic’s capability in harnessing machine learning and predictive analytics to address complex healthcare challenges.

Why Partner with Mosaic?

Mosaic Data Science isn’t just a provider of AI solutions; we are your strategic ally in the healthcare industry. Our collaborative approach ensures our AI healthcare transformation solutions align with your objectives, overcoming the unique challenges of the healthcare sector to set new standards for innovation and efficiency.

Streamline Healthcare Operations

Apply AI to enhance scheduling, patient data management, and administrative processes for higher operational efficiency.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Use AI for accurate diagnostics and personalized treatment plans.

Extract Wearable Insights

Mosaic helps customers turn sensor data into actionable health insights.

Enhance Patient Care Management

Leverage AI to predict patient admission rates and manage patient flow, optimizing staffing and resource allocation for better patient care and reduced wait times.

Choose Your Engagement Path

Mosaic offers services and tools that we tailor to our AI healthcare transformation solutions.

Explainable AI & BIas Auditing

As AI models become more complex, their decision-making processes can appear opaque. Explainable AI (XAI) is the key to unlocking the “black box” of AI systems, providing transparency and insights.
  • Model Evaluation & MLOps
  • Bias Auditing
  • AI Safety Framework Development
  • Deployment of Explainable Models Builds Trust in AI System

Rent A Data Scientist™

Mosaic helps customers fight the AI & machine learning talent shortage by providing quick, flexible access to our North American-based data scientists, who remain committed to your projects, avoiding attrition for higher-paying roles.
  • Access To Award Winning Data Science
  • Resource Flexibility Based On Development Cycles
  • Neutral Third-Party Innovation
  • AI/ML Tool Documentation & User Guides – No More Black Boxes

Project ID & Execution

Our AI and ML project support engagement model ensures that we scope out targeted use cases and build custom AI/ML models that deliver precise predictions and prescriptions tailored to your unique needs.
  • IP Ownership For Future Growth
  • Knowledge Transfer For Empowered Teams
  • Custom Source Code for Competitive Advantage
  • Post-Deployment Support

Decision Dynamics

From operational enhancements to strategic decision support, our Data-Driven Decision Dynamics service is about crafting tailor-made software that aligns with your goals, optimizes decisions, and propels your business forward.
  • Tailored Process Optimization
  • Combines Premier Agile Development with Cutting-Edge AI & ML
  • Engineers Custom Tools for Enhanced Accuracy & Speed
  • Data-Driven Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Neural Search Engine

Our Neural Search Engine is not just another search tool; it’s an intelligent solution crafted from years of data science expertise. Unlike off-the-shelf products, our engine is customized to align with your unique data landscapes, offering unparalleled accuracy in document retrieval.
  • Instant, Accurate Answers from Your Data
  • LLM-Powered Insights for Every Business
  • Named Top Insight Engine Of 2024 By CIO Review
  • Secure & Scale Your AI Search
  • Democratize Insights


Mosaic.deploy is a comprehensive MLOps framework and platform designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of machine learning models—from development and testing to deployment and monitoring. Fast-track your ML development.
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Cloud Integration
  • Sustainable MLOps
  • Post-Deployment Support
  • Cost-Effective & Scalable

Deliver on the Future of Healthcare with Mosaic Data Science

Discover how Mosaic’s AI solutions can transform your hospital’s approach to patient care, operations, and R&D. Click to schedule your strategic meeting with Mosaic today and take the first step towards innovation.

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