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At Mosaic Data Science, we’re not just about technology; we’re about transforming the way businesses operate with custom computer vision solutions. Our expertise spans across industries, offering tailor-made solutions that address your unique challenges and amplify your capabilities.

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Every industry has its own set of challenges. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding the ins and outs of various sectors, from retail and healthcare to construction and transportation. Discover how our specialized customer computer vision solutions have revolutionized operations, ensuring you’re not just keeping up but leading the way.

We know that adopting new technologies can seem daunting. This is why we’ve simplified the complex. Our step-by-step integration process ensures a smooth transition, empowering you with cutting-edge customer computer vision solutions without the hassle. Our team is with you at every step, ensuring your journey towards transformation is seamless.

No two businesses are the same, and our approach reflects that. Our customizable customer computer vision solutions are built to fit your needs perfectly, ensuring you get precisely what you need. As your business grows, our solutions scale with you, making sure you’re always ahead of the curve.

Flexible Engagements Models

At Mosaic Data Science, we understand the unique challenges each industry faces. Our dedication to mastering the intricacies of sectors from healthcare to transportation fuels our innovative customer computer vision solutions. Clients can tap the flexibility of our “Rent a Data Scientist” engagement or leverage the targeted precision of our “Project Engagement Models,” we offer unparalleled customization and adaptability.

Whether you’re looking for a deep dive into computer vision with a dedicated expert or seeking project-based support, our engagement models are designed to fit your exact needs, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our team guides you through every step, simplifying the adoption of complex technologies and customizing solutions to scale with your growth. With Mosaic, your vision is transformed into reality, powered by the most advanced computer vision capabilities in the market.

Use Cases

Decisions Made Better With Mosaic’s Unique Blend of Computer Vision Development & Deployment

  • Extract Movement-Based Insights

    Wielding the power of computer vision human action extraction to gain insights from video data presents an opportunity for logistics companies to improve their services to new and current customers.
  • Automate Inspection

    Mosaic designed and deployed custom computer vision models to automate asset recognition & inform inspection decisions.
  • Powering Quality Management

    Deep learning, specifically computer vision and natural language processing, can be designed to identify defects during the product packaging process. These deep learning models can verify that a package’s label is present, correct, straight, and readable.
  • Robotics Risk Management

    Ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of robotic system with custom computer vision solutions from Mosaic Data Science.

Pose Estimation Using Computer Vision

Mosaic’s deep experience applying machine learning tools to critical business decisions allows us to support and facilitate organizational efforts to use data to drive improved operational and strategic decisions. Organizations across industries can benefit from identifying human actions from video data. In the whitepaper linked below, we’ll delve into the various use cases of this computer vision technology with a special focus on logistics.

AI That Informs Operational Decision-Making

Mosaic Data Science is poised to help companies make deep-learning techniques like computer vision work for them. Computer vision offers significant cost savings through scalability and automation – and collecting a large set of image data is only the first step. The true art of any artificial intelligence application comes down to how a data scientist can tune AI to label what is in the image set accurately.

Organizations require high levels of data science expertise to apply this technology and effectively maximize their return on investment with tools that scale in months, not years. In the following case study, Mosaic built a robust, scalable inspection system for a power conglomerate that lacked in-house deep learning experts, helping them save millions in operational costs and even more on repairing aging infrastructure.

AI-Driven Automation for Quality Management in Product Packaging

For applications that resist automation yet demand high quality and throughput, deep learning technology is an effective new tool at the disposal of application engineers in the packaging industry. Deep learning technology can handle all different types of packaging surfaces, including paper, glass, plastics, and ceramics, as well as their labels. Be it a specific defect on a printed label or the cutting zone for a piece of packaging, deep learning algorithms can identify all these regions of interest simply by learning the varying appearance of the targeted zone.

Deep learning can then locate and count complex objects or features, detect anomalies, and classify said objects or even entire scenes. And it can recognize and verify alphanumeric characters using an optical character recognition (OCR) library.

Revolutionizing Vehicle Alignment: A Glimpse into Custom Computer Vision Solutions

Once, the hardest part of getting right at the car wash was lining up the driver-side wheel with the conveyor track. Nowadays, the difficulties and risks of cleaning a car at the local automatic car wash are increasing, largely due to moving a car through the wash. This has resulted in many accidents across the country, leaving car owners and car wash operators at a loss for who is responsible for damages. Custom computer vision solutions can help operators derisk their operations and provide a streamlined experience.

To help solve this problem, Mosaic partnered with a national software company specializing in planning and design services for car wash operators. The company invested in video technology over the past few years and wanted to leverage the data collected by these video feeds to improve the car wash experience. Using computer vision, Mosaic would develop and deploy scalable computer vision models to help properly guide vehicles into the wash and stop the conveyor if vehicles are misaligned before damage can be caused.

Platform Agnostic

We transcend the limitations of specific platforms, delivering unbiased, infrastructure-aligned solutions designed for scalability and impact.

Depth of Expertise

Our team’s extensive experience in AI, including NLP, Computer Vision, and MLOps, equips us to offer solutions that are not only timely but revolutionary.

Track Record of Success

Nearly two decades of AI innovation and a robust portfolio of satisfied clients underline our commitment to delivering AI solutions that drive efficiency, automate critical decisions, and yield significant ROI.

Privacy and Security

We understand the delicate balance between leveraging powerful computer vision capabilities and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information. Navigate the digital age with solutions designed to protect your data.

Agile, Flexible Support

Avoid the complexities of building an in-house team. Mosaic provides immediate access to elite data science talent, ensuring rapid delivery of results through agile methodologies—accelerating your path to innovation.

Strategic Execution

We partner with you to craft and implement a comprehensive computer vision strategy, ensuring your solutions are seamlessly integrated and perfectly aligned with your enterprise goals.

See the difference Mosaic Data Science can make for your business with customer computer vision solutions.

Mosaic, a top artificial intelligence company, is the right choice if you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you with your computer vision journey. We have the expertise, experience, and track record to help you automate and improve decisions.

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