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We help businesses fight the AI & machine learning talent shortage by providing quick, flexible access to a team that remains committed to your projects, avoiding attrition for higher-paying roles. Mosaic is an award-winning AI company dedicated to long-term client relationships and driving tailored analytics for our customers.

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Your Success Is Our Commitment

At Mosaic, we build lasting partnerships based on the success of your data-driven projects. By deeply integrating with your team, we understand your processes and goals, delivering bespoke analytics solutions that enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. With Rent a Data Scientist™, you gain:

  • Immediate access to top-tier, North American-based data science talent, available short-term or long-term.

  • Tailored analytics strategies that adapt to evolving business needs, ensuring agility and innovation.

  • Flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your use cases and data evolution.

  • Cost-effective expertise, leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML to unlock new opportunities and revenue streams.

Immediate Access to Expertise

Get instant access to an elite team of North American-based data scientists Quick access to a vetted team with over 300 years of combined analytics experience helps bridge your talent gaps without the commitment of long-term hiring. Adapt project scopes and deliverables flexibly as your needs evolve.

Tailored Analytics

Whether new to AI or scaling existing capabilities, our bespoke development services are tailored to your specific requirements. We guide you from strategy through flawless execution, ensuring seamless integration and impactful outcomes.

ROI-Driven Outcomes

Our track record in transforming business operations with AI is well-established. We focus on maximizing ROI through strategic data utilization, automation, and optimization, guiding you to success in the AI revolution.

Future Proof Your AI

Prepare for the exponential growth of AI across industries with our forward-thinking approach. Our data scientists stay abreast of the latest advancements, ensuring your projects remain cutting-edge.

Legacy of Innovation

Since 2004, Mosaic has been a pioneer in AI and ML. Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries means delivering not just solutions, but transformations that redefine market standards.

Creative Solutions for Industry Challenges

Transition from cost-saving to revenue-generating strategies with our innovative, data-driven solutions. We tackle old problems with new insights, unlocking growth and new potential.


AI/ML Expertise Without the Overhead

For firms seeking ad hoc support from experts in AI and ML, Rent a Data Scientist™ has proven to be an effective way to supplement current analytics projects or initiate new ones. You set the tasks and deliverables as you go, and we’ll take you to the finish line.

  • 50-80% reduction in project completion time

  • 25% increase in productivity

  • 60% reduction in staffing costs


Work with a Premier Data
Science Firm

With Rent a Data Scientist™, you gain more than just expertise; you gain a proactive partner dedicated to your long-term success.

  • Continuous Support and Training: Ensure your team is fully equipped to take on future AI challenges with our ongoing support and training.

  • Strategic Reviews and Insights: Engage with our experts for model reviews, new use case development, and performance evaluations.

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction: With an 89% retention rate, our unique engagement model is designed to deliver success, validated by hundreds of successful deployments.

  • Targeted Execution: We boil down complex problems into analytics projects that deliver in weeks and months, not years.

Harness the Power of AI with On-Demand Expertise

Discover the transformative impact of Mosaic’s Rent a Data Scientist ™ program on your AI and ML projects. Drive innovation, efficiency, and growth with the help of our experts.


What Our Clients
Say About Us

Our innovative rent a data scientist engagements help address traditional challenges, guiding you in initiating your data projects with specialized expertise tailored to specific issues.

Head of Data Science

Global Pharmaceutical Company

“We’ve found Mosaic to possess the rare traits of creativity, technical knowledge, and practical development to enable AI/ML adoption across our organization. Having access to their team through the RaDS program accelerates our innovation.”

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