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Mosaic Data Science brings its innovative and award-winning data science consulting services to the Canadian market under the Mosaic Data Science Canada brand. The potential for AI & machine learning to help Canadian organizations to automate and improve decisions is large, and Mosaic has set up operations in Canada to provide local AI/ML solutions that augment the Canadian market.

Mosaic has data scientists based all across North America that can collaborate with your subject matter experts to drive actionable analytics. With a presence in Canada and the US, we are poised to make complex artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions actionable, explainable, and usable to anyone willing to take the plunge.

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Buried by projects? Going through a hiring freeze? Looking for a new analytical perspective? Mosaic’s data scientists can deepen your bench.

Featured Canadian Clients

BDC predicts tech in Canada is expected to grow 22.4% between 2021 and 2024.

Deloitte reports that only ~8% of Canadian companies planned to increase their AI spending by more than 20%, compared with the global average of a 60% increase in AI spending.

Currently, only 16% of companies in Canada use AI, according to Deloitte.

Accenture reports that by 2035, AI could double economic growth in Canada, with companies using AI being 23% more productive than companies that don’t.

Featured Case Studies

Aerial view oil and gas terminal storage tank farm,Tank farm storage chemical petroleum petrochemical refinery product, Business commercial trade fuel and energy transport by tanker vessel.

Intelligent Hydrocarbon Inventory Management

Mosaic helped an energy company optimize its hydrocarbon inventory management process by working with them to develop a centralized system to collect and control inventory data quality, improve accuracy, and improve the bottom line.

Financial Services Revenue Forecasting

Mosaic refreshed revenue forecasting for a leading financial services organization with machine learning techniques, automating & improving the accuracy of these models.

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