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AI/ML solutions in retail are helping firms align their offerings with the expectations of customers

AI in retail is becoming increasingly critical for enterprises. The disruptive impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be seen across the value chain: Harvard Business Review states AI can help retailers reduce customer churn by up to 20%. It is emerging as a powerful tool for retail brands to be more strategic with customers, and IBM states 84% of retailers believe that AI will help them gain or sustain a competitive advantage.

In a digitalized era where today’s customers seek personalized products and services, ML and AI in retail are helping firms align their offerings with customers’ expectations. Salesforce states that 51% of consumers are willing to shop more frequently at retailers that offer personalized experiences powered by AI. If your firm is not doing this, you will likely lose your wallet share. It’s time for retailers to help people find products in their precise moment, and perhaps before they even perceive that need. This shift requires designing experiences that merge an understanding of human behavior with large-scale automation and data integration.

Mosaic helps retail customers utilize AI & ML to solve their biggest industry problems and find a starting point for their commerce data using techniques such as computer vision to customize search results in real-time and machine learning for inventory management decisions. We offer on-demand access to top-performing data scientists that will work with you to develop the right tools and capabilities to better interact with your customers, operate more efficiently, and facilitate ongoing learning from data. Retail customers report a sustained competitive advantage from working with Mosaic. 

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Mosaic has deployed AI, ML, and advanced analytics for the following retail use cases

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Price & Promotionality

Mosaic fuses several dynamic data sources to build actionable enterprise AI pricing systems. 

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Demand Planning | Inventory Management

Mosaic uses analytics to combine historical and real-time data, to identify patterns that traditional forecasting would have missed.

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AI-Driven Customer Experience Modeling

Mosaic helps our retail customers deliver experiences driven by AI.

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Machine Learning for Customer Churn

Leverage customer attributes and behavior to establish a data-centric risk management system.

“Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to design & deploy data analytics solutions that save the business money or maximize revenue; from more informed inventory planning to personalizing customer experiences and pricing to identifying new markets, data science can assist any retail executive.”

Mike Shumpert, Managing Director of Mosaic Data Science

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