Mosaic helps businesses design and deploy IoT solutions powered by custom AI & ML models that reduce operational costs and achieve business growth in real time.

Custom Modeling Transforms Sensor Data into Actionable Information & True Decision Support

Data science techniques complement advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology because of the sheer amount of information properly tuned models can process. We are not talking about megabytes or even gigabytes of information anymore. On the contrary, data science for IoT deals with massive volumes of data that can reach entire zettabytes.

Sensor intelligence enables more accurate decisions, empowering companies and organizations to identify new opportunities, increase sales, improve customer experience, and optimize operational performance. Rather than replace human operators, custom-built AI & ML extract hidden information from sensor data.

Mosaic is no stranger to working with massive pools of data to build and deploy actionable solutions for our customers. We wield the power of AI and ML to help businesses reduce operational costs and achieve business growth with IoT’s real-time capabilities. Our collaborative, problem-focused, seasoned, and custom approach to advanced sensor data analytics applications makes us an ideal partner.

Featured IoT Success Stories & Insights

IoT Machine Learning Modeling for Product Development

A hospitality technology disruptor was developing a new sensor suite to detect when a guest was smoking inside a property and distinguish it from approved activities such as cooking. They engaged Mosaic to build time series classification models to identify and alert on smoking events from the streaming sensor data.

AI-Powered Manufacturing Optimization 

Using AI to analyze sensor data, Mosaic helped a renewable energy producer optimize furnace temperature to improve wood pellet production efficiency by reducing slag production and pressure buildup and providing control room operators with easy-to-use recommendations for setting furnace controls.

Leveraging Smart Collar Data to Assess Pet Health

Mosaic worked with a vet tech company to develop an encompassing pet wellness score and early disease-identification models using an AI-driven collar device that collects pet behavioral information and reports health insights to the owner's app using IoT and sensor data techniques. 

Predictive Maintenance Modeling for Industrial Machinery

Mosaic was contracted by multi-national manufacturer of construction and mining equipment to develop a proof-of-concept predictive maintenance model to predict equipment failure before it happens to minimize downtime and optimize maintenance schedules.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Data Science

Mosaic developed an innovative optimization app for the green power sales function at a leading utility, helping them recommend suites of renewable energy products to meet corporate carbon footprint reduction goals within budgetary constraints.

Businesses are adopting IoT, yet many experience challenges in extracting insights they can trust

Studies show that AI for IoT is poised to become mainstream in the following decade. According to Gartner, by 2024, 75% of companies implementing IoT will also have implemented AI in conjunction with at least one IoT project.

Deploying AI for IoT is challenging for organizations looking to reap the benefits, but the payoff is too great to overlook. Some of the biggest adoption barriers of IoT data solutions include:

  • Data Security and Privacy Risks: With more IoT data tied to our personal lives and private operations, more opportunities exist to hack or leak sensitive information. 
  • Scaling Issues: Organizations without a proper roadmap struggle to scale IoT projects to meet their demands.
  • Lack of Skills: IoT analytics is a new technology that demands an innovative skillset instead of traditional data science techniques.
  • Production-Grade AI: IoT requires organizations to deploy AI/ML in production, requiring expertise in MLOPs and architecture that can handle changing data.

Mosaic’s deep knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning makes us an ideal partner for production-grade IoT applications. We can help you take the extra step to make your sensor data more robust, powerful, and accurate with tailored data analytics.

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