Mosaic helps companies design and deploy the most advanced custom AI at scale.

Mosaic Artificial Intelligence Labs

Computer Vision

Mosaic trains deep learning algorithms that improve & automate vision-based tasks. From quality management to equipment inspection, we architect custom tools that scale to save your organization time & money.

Natural Language Processing

Mosaic helps our customers find the needle in the unstructured haystack, pulling insights from text, voice, audio, image, and speech to inform operational & strategic decision making across any business unit.

Scheduling Optimization

Scheduling & resource planning problems are an excellent candidate for custom-built algorithms that blend machine learning and mathematical optimization to find significantly better schedules at the click of a button.

Supply Chain Optimization

Mosaic works collaboratively with our customers to build predictive/prescriptive analytics tools that enable improved decision-making, efficient operations, and company competitiveness across any supply chain.


Automation saves Time

AI-driven recommendations reduce costs

ML-driven insights uncover growth drivers