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Many energy industry leaders have long relied on data analytics to make informed decisions and improve oilfield and plant performance. Today, oil and gas producers can capture even more detailed data at lower costs and from previously inaccessible areas with systems that can measure production, drilling, and other operations. For example, using IoT and sensor technology, energy companies can continuously gather large volumes of data from seismic surveys or equipment sensors in real-time.  

Being able to historically retain and analyze the large datasets produced over the course of years is crucial to protecting energy companies against volatile market prices, capital allocation challenges, and increasing operational risks. Given these risk factors, it is now more important than ever for oil and gas executives to make smarter and more efficient decisions. Techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the benefit of automating and improving processes and workflows to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. 

According to BusinessWire, 56% of senior professionals indicated that a lack of additional and qualified AI workers was the biggest hurdle to be overcome in obtaining the necessary level of AI implementation across oil and gas business operations. Mosaic is the ideal data science partner for an oil and gas operator looking to fill their talent gap and inform strategic and operational decisions with AI-derived insights.

Using data science techniques, Mosaic demonstrates analytics breadth and depth across all oil and gas business units to help your firm achieve powerful results. We have particularly strong experience working with teams specifically tasked to innovate within their energy organization in developing and disseminating new and advanced approaches, tools, and models.  

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Mosaic has deployed AI, ML, and advanced analytics for the following oil & gas use cases

Predictive Inventory Analytics

Mosaic built a custom ML-enabled solution to predict enterprise terminal inventory imbalances weeks & months before they happen.

deep learning sensor iot
AI-Enabled GIS & Sensor Programs

Mosaic helps our customers leverage deep learning to solve for PdM & advanced GIS intelligence.

document search nlp
Geologocial Search Engine Development

Mosaic deployed state-of-the-art language and image processing models to architect a search capability for geophysicists to return relevant search results on millions of documents & images in seconds.

Intelligent Hydrocarbon Inventory Management

Mosaic helped this leading energy conglomerate digitize and automate the hydrocarbon value chain to produce more accurate free cash flow estimates.

Loyalty Program & Retail Pricing Analytics

Mosaic designed a robust experiment to see if pricing discounts boosted customer financial & experience metrics.

“What I like about Mosaic is that you actually do data science, too many times we work with other vendors who say they do but in reality, focus on data engineering.”

Data Science Team Manager at a Leading Energy Company

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