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Natural Language Processing Services

It is widely accepted that almost 80% of data a company collects is unstructured. Just think about the sheer amount of emails, resumes, text documents, research findings, legal contracts, invoices, call recordings, and social media posts your firm possesses. Organizations must go beyond large language models trained on internet data to mine their information to deliver trustworthy outputs that solve problems.

Long before ChatGPT was released in the wild, Mosaic has been helping our customers find the needle in the unstructured haystack, pulling insights from text, voice, audio, image, and speech to inform operational & strategic decision-making across any operation. Our customers take full advantage of the value in their unstructured sources, collaborating with Mosaic to build a project plan and leaning on our expertise to execute.

Mosaic’s unique and powerful consultative approach enables us to build custom solutions that drive powerful results for our clients. We can help you implement your first Natural Language Processing application, improve an existing one, or rent you a NLP specialist. Our NLP consulting and deployment services are tailored to you & your decision processes, not the other way around.

Quantifying Commodity Sentiment with AI

In this case study, Mosaic fine-tuned language models to analyze text and quantify public sentiment to explain commodity pricing with AI. Our team used sentiment model outputs to extract insights regarding price trends for a specific commodity and predict future price movements.

Top LLM Applications for Modern Business

AI and LLMs are not just a technological leap; they’re a strategic imperative. By embracing this evolution, businesses gain a distinct advantage—staying ahead of the competition, enhancing stakeholder experiences, and optimizing both time and costs. In this white paper, we explore our top LLM business applications.

Unlocking Business Opportunities with Generative AI

While Generative AI is still in its early stages, its potential is immense. Businesses that can harness this technology effectively will be well-positioned for success in the years to come. Discover how your firm can tap into this transformative force and achieve its business goals by leveraging Generative AI for cost savings, revenue generation, competitive differentiation,...

AI-Enabled Search Assistant for Operating Manuals

Mosaic built a custom voice search solution using deep learning and state-of-the-art language models to intelligently parse complex mechanical operation manuals and return the desired search results

Automating Call Center Insight Extraction with NLP | Going beyond Sentiment Analysis

Mosaic used NLP algorithms to automatically extract various insights about people calling into a customer call center. We created a process to identify at-risk customers that called the previous day based on the transcript of the call.

Skynet progress update: GPT-3

To understand GPT-3, it’s helpful to understand a little bit about the history of language models. The language of computers is numbers. The input to all machine learning algorithms is ultimately numbers as well.

Making Sense of Natural Language Processing

There is much to unpack in the world of Natural Language Processing. We sat down with Senior Data Scientist Alex Tennant for his perspective on the opportunities and complexities of NLP, and how Mosaic is paving the way for the consistent evolution of this powerful technology.

Our Expert Data Scientists Tells Us About the Benefits of NLP

Demystifying the Mechanics Behind Language Models

Language Processing & OCR

Mosaic Helped the CDC Mine Health Forums to Inform Chronic Disease Treatments

NLP algorithms and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allow businesses to convert any text data (invoices, purchase orders, service agreements, social media posts, research documents, scanned documents, etc.) into text-searchable files, increasing the efficiency & effectiveness of combing through text data.

Language Classification & Summarization

Mosaic Developed & Deployed a Geological Digital Assistant Informing Oil & Gas Operations

Using NLP techniques, it is easy to extract metadata from text (keywords, categories, emotions, relations, and syntax). Deep learning can encode the meanings of words, sentences, and entire documents in context & use this information to categorize or extract relevant facts. These outputs can be used for predictive ML.

Language Generation (“Generative AI”)

Mosaic Built a Tool that Generates Audience-Specific Summaries for Published Research Papers

Speech & text processing both analyze data structure, but humans do not produce language for analysis – we produce language as a communication tool. NLG automatically generates narratives that describe, summarize or explain input data in a human-like manner at the speed of 1000s of pages per second.

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