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Leesburg, Va. — In a significant acknowledgment of its pioneering efforts in the realm of insight engines, Mosaic Data Science has been recognized as the Top Insight Engines Solutions Provider of 2024 by CIO Review magazine for its Neural Search Engine framework. The accolade is a testament to Mosaic’s ability to address and solve complex customer challenges using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Reader/Retrieval Architectures (RAG), positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in the Generative AI landscape. 

The Neural Search Engine has revolutionized how businesses comb through vast amounts of data, automating text, image, video, and audio information retrieval from all corporate documents and significantly enhancing efficiency and productivity. With its advanced modeling and architecture frameworks, Neural Search provides firms with a robust set of templates for the secure tuning of AI models, tailoring them to an organization’s specific data and requirements. 

Mosaic’s Neural Search Engine is designed for versatility. Whether organizations have already deployed a production-grade AI search system and seek assistance with nuanced queries or contextualized results, or are exploring the right LLM for their needs, Mosaic offers a custom-built, cutting-edge solution. The engine’s ability to understand the nuances of human language and deliver actionable insights empowers businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions, effectively transforming how companies access and leverage information. 

The Insight Engines award from CIO Review highlights Mosaic’s commitment to a vendor-agnostic approach, ensuring seamless integration with existing data sources, infrastructure, AI, and governance tools. By adopting Mosaic’s Neural Search Engine, businesses can embrace the future of search technology without discarding their current investments, taking what works and integrating it.  

The recognition includes a feature in the print edition of CIO Review’s Insight Engines special. This accolade is not just a win for Mosaic but a win for the future of efficient, intelligent search solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses. 

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