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AI is automating and personalizing the consumer products industry

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking the consumer products world by storm and will continue to do so alongside the success of adopters. A report by BCG and Google indicated that CPG companies that deploy AI and ML applications at scale could boost revenue by at least 10%.

On top of achieving higher sales, companies can benefit by reducing manufacturing costs, transforming the supply chain, and improving the brand. In a recent Statista survey, about half of respondents from the consumer goods industry stated that deploying AI can help improve customer care. Additionally, 47% of respondents stated that AI can greatly enhance inventory management by helping to effectively manage costs and buyers’ needs.

Mosaic is well suited to partner with any CPG company to make these solutions work for you and your business. Our world-class team of data scientists has developed and deployed advanced customer and market analytics for various customers with proven success. This includes customer segmentation, market analysis, customer propensity models, demand forecasting & inventory optimization, cannibalization analysis, pricing & revenue optimization, and recommender models for some of the globe’s leading CPG firms.

Our custom solutions aim to solve legacy industry problems by using unsupervised and supervised learning techniques. We will work with you to develop innovative and effective approaches to create insights that are both descriptive and predictive.

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Mosaic has deployed AI, ML, and advanced analytics for the following CPG use cases

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Predict Backorders with Custom ML

Mosaic helps manufacturers adopt automation & insights as key heuristics in the process of keeping product in stock and planning for demand.

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ML-Charged Forecasting

Automate and improve trend, revenue, product, and demand forecasting with fresh ML approaches from Mosaic.

AI-Powered Defect Detection

Mosaic helps CPG firms deploy custom, scalable AI that detects product defects for global production.

Sales Routing Optimziation

Optimize salesforce routing using custom ML & AI tools that route sales resources to generate the highest ROI and minimize inefficiencies.

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