Mosaic has been building decision-support tools powered by optimization algorithms since 2004. We tap these tools to help recommend the best course of action in the face of uncertainty.

Mathematical Optimization Left Behind in the Hype Cycle

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have exploded in popularity over the past several years, while the excitement for Mathematical Optimization has mostly plateaued. Why this has occurred is very much up for debate. One might surmise that AI/ML is a better tool than optimization; however, this is wrong-headed.

AI and optimization are typically used to solve very different problems. Scheduling, routing, assignment, and other major decision problems are more pervasive than ever. The reasons for the rise in popularity of AI and ML coinciding with the fall of optimization are more nuanced.

At Mosaic Data Science, a top mathematical optimization company, we care about identifying the right tool for the job. The relative popularity of the technologies we leverage is a moot point. After all, math itself is a few thousand years old. We craft custom optimization solutions that don’t just crunch numbers but recommend strategic success under constraints. Optimization is where algorithms show paths to the best decisions.

Innovative Firms Hire Mosaic for Their Mathematical Optimization Needs

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Addressing Mathematical Optimization Challenges

The Quest for Optimization Pioneers

The market is hungry for optimization specialists with real-world AI/ML experience, but the search can be a maze. We offer you a strategic way out – tap into our optimized consulting expertise without the overhead.

Optimization and Data Science Harmony

Expert data scientists with optimization know-how are rare gems with high price tags. Collaborating with Mosaic not only keeps costs down but also buffers against the risks of talent loss.

Clarifying the Analytics Maze

Defining optimization, machine learning, and AI can be puzzling. We come to the rescue with a comprehensive toolbox, offering the best analytics solution to tackle your pressing challenges.

Mosaic built a custom scheduling optimization tool to recommend daily surgery schedules, taking the guesswork out of the optimal cadence for highly skilled workers.

Why Choose Mosaic as Your Mathematical Optimization Partner

Escaping Data Paralysis: We guide you out of the data swamp, showing you the art of what’s possible with the proper techniques, not myopically stuck on a specific mathematical tool.

Precision Optimization Skillsets for Targeted Solutions: Our optimization scientists possess specialized skills that transform your unique challenges into true prescriptive analytics. From explaining why optimization fits to tailor-made problem-solving, we have it covered.

Born from Aviation Excellence: Since 2004, our DNA has been infused with the essence of optimization. Rooted in aviation research, we’ve been orchestrating value with custom optimization problems for years.

Optimization as the Tool of Choice: Optimization isn’t just a separate tool; it’s our primary weapon for effective problem-solving. We don’t view optimization and machine learning as separate entities but as partners in crafting solutions.

High-Impact Transformations: Get projects done efficiently. We break large transformations (i.e., supply chain optimization) into focused, high-value projects, delivering tangible results within 1-3 months.

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