Automate text, image, video, and audio information retrieval from all your corporate documents. Start delivering on the promise of AI for your firm with The Neural Search Engine from Mosaic.

There are so many AI choices to enable Intelligent Search – do you know which is right for you?

Mosaic Data Science has developed a solution framework to help organizations build a secure neural search engine that automates the laborious task of combing through millions of documents to find the needle in the proverbial haystack.

As a recognized leader in the AI & ML space, we have deployed hundreds of successful, reliable analytics solutions that yield targeted query results in seconds.

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The GenAI & LLM Hype Is Warranted When Deployed Properly

Labor markets are tight across the board, and organizations must focus on delivering value to their stakeholders. The automation offered by properly using the latest and greatest in Large Language and GenAI models can free up thousands of hours by saving document review time, decreasing risk with more accurate processing that won’t become fatigued, and unlocking insights unique to your operations.

All of this can be done securely, behind your firewalls, with no data being transferred back to the open-source algorithms. With hundreds of LLMs to choose from and more popping up each week, it becomes increasingly challenging to figure out which will perform best for your use case.

We believe there is substantial value in knowing how, when, and why to use these powerful LLMs to solve practical problems. We bill our time customizing the tool to your specifications and can deliver a Proof of Concept in 10-12 weeks.

How We Make Customized Neural Search Engine Applications

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  1. Collaboration with SMEs to understand input data, desired features, and decision processes
  1. Dynamic data pipelines powered by Computer Vision and NLP algorithms to futureproof your neural search engine
  1. Rapid Prototyping of LLMs leveraging transfer learning to keep data and results secure while determining the best AI via careful cross-validation to your data
  1. User Interface Development with an eye towards simplicity and adoption
  1. LLMOPs implemented to alert on model drift, bias, and accuracy dips
  1. UI designed to garner human-in-the-loop feedback to help the AI learn continuously

Deep Dive Into the Mechanics of Transformer-based Architectures

Discover How We Develop Our Solution Framework

Our Solution Is Generating a Buzz Within the Tech Space

Parse All Data, Not Just Text

Our custom-built approach allows firms to return results from:

Unstructured Text
Chat Logs – Handwritten Notes – Social Extracts
Structured Text
Tables & Charts – Instructions – Image Callouts
Pictures – Videos – Drawings
 Recordings – Speech to Text
 Sample of Document Content Extraction
Sample of Image Content Extraction
Smart Document Search Results
Smart Document Search Results

Why Custom Is Right for Neural Search

Oftentimes, organizations require additional layering of machine learning to get the same or better performance from humans. Mosaic has layered everything from anomaly detection on purchase orders to geological sentiment on oil reservoirs to deliver AI features that deliver immediate value.

In every Neural Search Engine Development engagement, Mosaic collaborates closely with your stakeholders to ensure the tool delivers as promised, going much further than a single API call to an open-source LLM can go.

To build a true competitive advantage, come to the experts at Mosaic. We might not be spending lengthy R&D cycles coming up with our own LLM, but we make these models work in professional environments.

Go beyond Clippy and other text-matching Virtual Assistants with robust search tools that inform your most nuanced decisions.

Neural Search Engine Success Stories

Neural Search Engine for Document Search medical paper icon
Medical-Academic Paper Summarization

Mosaic built a tool that can serve different summarization styles based on the audience. Executive-level leadership might only need a paragraph or two from multiple documents on a topic, while an analyst might require a full page. We generate the search results based on your desired audience, no need to conform to a one size fits all.

Neural Search Engine for Document Search supply chain icon
Supply Chain Document Processing

A leading health system was fed up with daily reviews on hundreds of Purchase Orders they received to keep their caregiving operations running smoothly. Mosaic built a custom solution that extracts the different POs, SLAs, etc., and layered anomaly detection to cut the daily review from hundreds of hours to 2-3 per day.

Neural Search Engine for Document Search industrial icon
Automate Industrial Operations Manuals

If you build, sell, or operate heavy machinery, you have felt the pain of scouring an instruction manual to find the nugget of information you are after. Mosaic built a tool that allows a user to speak into a device and return everything from acceptable operating temperatures to installation diagrams to maintenance diagnostics.

Neural Search Engine for Document Search sentiment icon
Hyper Sentiment Extraction for Customer Interactions

Customers rarely call your support center or post on your Social channels to congratulate you on a job well done. Rather than operating reactively, AI can help you queue support agents, map common issues, and inform churn/LTV models. Mining customer information can help you anticipate their needs and open new revenue streams.

Neural Search Engine for Document Search eyeglass document icon
Geological Insight Generation

Mosaic saved a leading energy company thousands of geophysicist search hours each month by building a neural search solution that ingests maps, surveys, handwritten logs (sentiment), images, etc., dating back to the 1800s to provide specific results on targeted queries.

Neural Search Engine for Document Search package icon
Product-Level Classification

Firms that need to pay tariffs on cross-border transactions need to automatically match evolving tax codes to the products they ship.

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