The artificial intelligence leader leveraged the latest and greatest in Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI to build the framework for a custom Neural Search Engine that can free up thousands of hours by saving document review time. 

Leesburg, VA – Mosaic Data Science is excited to announce the development of a Neural Search Engine framework that can be customized to meet a firm’s specific needs and use cases while maintaining the highest levels of data security seen in the AI space today. Organizations from all industries stand to benefit from this revolutionary tool, which wields the power of AI to automate the laborious process of retrieving text, image, video, and audio information from corporate documents – delivering targeted query results in seconds.     

The rise of transformer-based NLP architectures and Large Language Models (LLMs) has made it possible to build intelligent document processing solutions that scan lengthy documents and return results to users’ questions. The customizable Neural Search Engine framework allows organizations to take advantage of the latest LLM innovations securely behind their firewalls without passing any sensitive information back to the algorithm.       

“Properly developed and deployed AI can save organizations countless hours by validating and automating decisions. This belief is what prompted us to build the framework for a Neural Search Engine, which brings the power of state-of-the-art LLMs and other deep learning models to your organization by integrating search and generative capabilities with your enterprise knowledge stores while protecting the privacy of your data.”   

Sean Osis, Senior Principal Data Scientist

As a recognized leader in the AI & ML space, Mosaic has a long history of deploying hundreds of successful, reliable analytics solutions that are custom-tailored to customers’ use cases or industries. To develop the Neural Search solution, the company’s world-class data scientists will partner with firms to assess internal requirements, building a fully custom and secure search engine that eliminates the need to search through millions of documents.

“With hundreds of LLMs to choose from and more popping up each week, it becomes increasingly challenging to figure out which will perform best for your use case. Mosaic does not charge license fees, and our end-customers own the IP from the Neural Search Engine development. We believe there is substantial value in knowing how, when, and why to use these powerful LLMs to solve practical problems. We bill our time customizing the tool to your specifications and can deliver a Proof of Concept in 10-12 weeks.”

Juan Rebollo, Principal Data Scientist

Labor markets are tight across the board, and organizations must focus on delivering value to their stakeholders. Mosaic’s Neural Search Engine framework and dedicated, flexible team empowers firms to start delivering on the promise of AI to make internal processes more efficient and effective. 

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