Transformation: AI

Mosaic sees Digital Transformation differently; our view is that while the technology is a critical part of any Digital Transformation, it’s only a part of a greater whole that includes people, process, and culture change that all combine to enable effective use of the technology.

Digital Transformation is hard.
Mosaic is ready for the challenge.

Mosaic Data Science works collaboratively with your business leadership to create a transformation plan that enables improved decision making, more efficient operations, and increased company competitiveness. The plan will be aligned to your company strategy, and will address the needed enhancements to organizational skills, processes, culture, and technology.

Mosaic's AI Transformation Services Infographic

Why Transformation then AI?

The phrase Digital Transformation is everywhere today. 

In order to recognize the primacy of the transformation before the technology, and to play to our company’s strength in artificial intelligence, we’ve coined the term ‘Transformation: AI’.  By taking a systems view of people, process, culture, and technology, we have helped companies make the most of their transformation investments.

AI Fueling Digital Transformation Whitepaper

In our whitepaper, Mosaic examines four AI projects that helped our end customer realize transformative effects

Transformation: AI Blog Post

We introduced the idea of transformation before AI, in this blog we expand on the idea, highlighting an actionable approach to our AI Transformation Services

Inertia isn’t going to cut it

Operating in today’s conditions requires creative thinking, agile decision making and embracing change. AI & Digital Transformation can support all these disciplines. If you are looking for a partner who can quickly uncover data driven insights, recommend ROI-driven actions, and deploy AI, with an eye towards organizational Transformation, then you have come to the right place. 

In fact, research firm IDC reports worldwide spending on Digital Transformation will reach $2.3 Trillion in 2023. As the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown us, organizations that have embraced digital transformation are more poised for future success than those who have not.

Starting with Business Strategy

At Mosaic, Transformation: AI means much more than deploying cutting edge tech. The firm and stakeholders need to fully adopt and embrace the changes fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mosaic's AI Transformation Services Diagram

Below, Mosaic examines the four cornerstones a firm needs to consider for Transformation: AI. Our AI transformation services are built from designing and deploying real world solutions in a wide range of industries. Our transformations are built with practicality in mind.


  • Training/Learning
  • Capabilities
  • Thought Processes
  • Motivations


  • Holistic
  • Objective-focused
  • Customer-focused
  • Rationalized
  • Right-sized


  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Behaviors
  • Standards
  • Consistency
  • Persistence


  • Infrastructure
  • Models
  • Human Interfaces
  • System Interfaces
  • Data Integrations
  • Notifications

By bringing organizational change management & data science expertise, Mosaic Data Science is poised to help you transform your firm into an AI-driven decision maker.