Machine learning and predictive analytics are built into our DNA here at Mosaic. We employ topflight data scientists that bring creative algorithmic solutions to pressing organizational challenges.

Efficient & Effective Machine Learning Consulting

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Machine Learning is a must have for organizations trying to improve the stakeholder engagement experience.

If you aren’t dipping your toes into the ML world, your competition likely is.

Break through the machine learning adoption barriers with a partner you can trust.

In the following sections we reference Gartner’s 3 Barriers to AI Adoption Report, but we hear the same limitations from customers & prospects all the time with respects to machine learning development as well.

Mosaic builds Artificial Intelligence-based systems using Machine Learning algorithms. ML is an essential building block for predictions, forecasts, and recommendations, without it an AI system is just Artificial. 

ML Adoption Barrier #1 | Skills Shortage

Gartner states the #1 barrier to ML adoption lies within enterprise maturity, specifically skills of staff. Mosaic Data Science was founded with the hypothesis that we can transition data science skills from our heritage in aviation research & development to other industries. Since 2014 we have been designing & deploying machine learning solutions that deliver value for our customers. Over 90% of clients come back to Mosaic after the first engagement, and we strive for mutually beneficial, long term relationships.

You will be hard-pressed to find ML expertise at a more competitive price point. Solving complex problems with analytics is still what drives us as a company.

Mosaic starts with digital transformation expertise, which we have labeled as Transformation: AI to map goals with the transformational properties of Artificial Intelligence to make organizational-level recommendations that position companies to change the way decisions are made. Mosaic collaborates closely with our customers in this engagement stage to ensure our AI solutions are unique, impactful, and actionable. 

ML Adoption Barrier #2 | Fear of the Unknown

Barrier number 2 states a lack of knowledge around understanding benefits and use of Machine Learning. There is a steep learning curve to understanding the mathematics behind ML, and an even steeper learning curve in being able to implement models efficiently & effectively. Without providing a culture of disruptive innovation and constant experimentation, organizations run the risk leaving data scientists feeling frustrated by the amount of data preparation and lack of cutting-edge analytical development.

Mosaic could not survive without staying on top of the latest and greatest word processing model or deep reinforcement learning method. Not only do we stay current with the latest trends, but we know how and when these are appropriate to deploy. Sometimes a logistical regression will give an organization the desired results, but that org was sold a convolutional neural network, which they do not know how to use. The CNN requires significantly more compute resources, likely takes longer to run, and might not provide the same accuracy as the Logit.

Customers that work with Mosaic can focus on their business and are comfortable knowing we can handle any ML thrown our way.

ML Adoption Barrier #3 | Find a Starting Point

Respondents to the Gartner survey identified finding use cases and defining the strategy as the next largest adoption barrier. Mosaic offers comprehensive digital transformation services in the form of our unique approach – Transformation: AI.

It is critical to start machine learning projects with the end in mind. Machine learning is not a magic wand that bakes your bread and butters your toast. It is a mathematical process of inference on a set of data and improvement on each model run. ML efforts need to be focused to keep scope down and moving in the right direction. Mosaic collaborates closely with our customers to identify which use cases are well-suited for machine learning, drawing on our deep experience turning raw data into actionable information.

We have solved several different use cases in almost every industry with Machine Learning and are comfortable collaborating on a starting point and decision support strategy.

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