Mosaic delivers intelligent image processing solutions powered by custom AI & computer vision models that automate laborious tasks, de-risk operational processes, and streamline decisions with analytics that perform and users can trust.

Custom Computer Vision Solutions

Mosaic builds robust artificial intelligence solutions tailored to our clients’ data, infrastructure, and decision-making processes. We find many customers have been burned in the past by hiring subpar consultants or development services that fail to understand the mechanics behind deep learning, which leads to mistrust in the Artificial Intelligence that is supposed to be helping them.

Mosaic has been utilizing AI/ML techniques for 20 years, way before they were cool. If you hire Mosaic, this won’t be our first computer vision project, and we rely on 100’s of successful deployments across diverse use cases, industries, technology to build the right tool for your organization.

We offer top-flight computer vision services from onshore data scientists based in the US and Canada. Our projects range from evaluating AI that isn’t performing to building an executable AI roadmap to renting a data scientist to work as part of a development team and everything in-between.

Q&A with Mosaic’s Resident Computer Vision Expert

In this Q&A, we sat with Principal Data Scientist Priya Karanth for her take on the latest innovations and most powerful applications behind the ever-changing landscape of computer vision. Let’s see what lies beyond the surface.

Extract Movement-Based Insights with Pose Estimation

Wielding the power of computer vision human action extraction to gain insights from video data presents an opportunity for logistics companies to make improvements for new and current customers.

Detect Defects on the Line with Computer Vision

Deep learning, specifically computer vision and natural language processing, can be designed to identify defects during the product packaging process. These deep learning models can verify that a label on a package is present, correct, straight, and readable.

Automate Asset Inspection

Mosaic designed and deployed custom computer vision models to automate asset recognition & inform inspection decisions.

Computer vision and deep learning deliver when an experienced data scientist guides the development. Too often, organizations fall victim to the trap that a single piece of vaporware can mimick the scientific process of asking questions of a dataset and answering them with algorithms.

If you want to build AI tools that users trust and use to make decisions, you need to explain your modeling decisions and results. Mosaic takes this development off your plate so you can focus on your business.

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