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Produce more, higher-quality products at minimum cost with AI and machine learning

Manufacturing holds multiple predictive analytics and data science opportunities. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data collection technologies becoming more accessible, manufacturing companies have a wealth of data to mine. Companies can use machine learning and AI algorithms on these data sets to apply data-driven guidance and decision making to improve efficiency and quality, and to reduce costs.

Manufacturers can run Proof of Concept (PoC) projects to prove value and garner larger investment before spending multiple millions of dollars on an analytic infrastructure. Many companies turn to a consulting firm like Mosaic to help them in developing a quick-win plan and executing on that plan.

The days when a small group of executives would make million-dollar decisions behind closed doors are over. There is simply too much data for leaders to make sense of. Businesses that combine executive expertise and predictive manufacturing analytics are seeing an increased competitive advantage, along with a substantial boost to the bottom line.

Mosaic’s manufacturing customers are a perfect fit for AI & ML improvements. Despite the 4.0 revolution still being in early stages, we are already deploying significant AI-driven benefits. From the design process, to the line operations, to supply chain, and administration, AI supports the way firms produce products and process materials. 

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Mosaic has compiled our industry expertise into a Machine Learning playbook for Manufacturing.

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Mosaic has deployed AI, ML, and advanced analytics for the following high-impact manufacturing use cases, but our portfolio of manufacturing engagements goes well beyond these four examples.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Mosaic helps manufacturers adopt automation & insights as key heuristics in the process of keeping product in stock and planning for demand.

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Powering Production Runs with AI

Mosaic uses machine learning & optimization tools on sensor data to inform optimal production settings.

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AI for IoT & PdM

Our clients leverage Mosaic’s expertise in data science to achieve true PdM and Smart Products, decreasing downtime, cutting costs, and streamlining CX.

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Deep Learning Informing Quality Management

Mosaic deploys custom AI systems that utilize advanced ML techniques to automate defect detection.

AI-Enabled Voice Search for Instruction Manuals

Mosaic tunes LLMs for intelligent document processing and search.

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