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Produce more, higher-quality products at minimum cost with AI and machine learning

Manufacturing holds multiple predictive analytics and data science opportunities. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data collection technologies becoming more accessible, manufacturing companies have a wealth of data to mine. Companies can use machine learning and AI algorithms on these data sets to apply data-driven guidance and decision making to improve efficiency and quality, and to reduce costs.

Manufacturers can run Proof of Concept (PoC) projects to prove value and garner larger investment before spending multiple millions of dollars on an analytic infrastructure. Many companies turn to a consulting firm like Mosaic to help them in developing a quick-win plan and executing on that plan.

The days when a small group of executives would make million-dollar decisions behind closed doors are over. There is simply too much data for leaders to make sense of. Businesses that combine executive expertise and predictive manufacturing analytics are seeing an increased competitive advantage, along with a substantial boost to the bottom line.

Mosaic’s manufacturing customers are a perfect fit for AI & ML improvements. Despite the 4.0 revolution still being in early stages, we are already deploying significant AI-driven benefits. From the design process, to the line operations, to supply chain, and administration, AI supports the way firms produce products and process materials. 

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Combatting Supply Chain Disruptions with Data Science

Global external shocks are going to continue to happen, that is a fact of operating a business in today’s environment. As companies embrace data science in their decision-making processes, they are better positioned to deal with these disruptions, allowing them to manage a risk-optimized supply chain. Companies who have deployed data science into their businesses will be poised to automate AI-driven decisions to even very sudden disruptions. 

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Loading Dock Staffing Optimization

Decision processes in support of jobs that either cannot be or are very difficult to automate are frequently overlooked by out of the box software providers. One such process is the creation of optimal staffing plans for outbound teams loading cartons onto trucks.

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Advanced Revenue Forecasting

This manufacturer wanted to segment their forecasts by the different markets that they serve, e.g., aerospace, consumer electronics, and life sciences. The company had been collecting transactional data by line of business, region, and industry. Now that the company had collected all this data, they needed to perform ML analysis on it to extract value. With no internal data scientists available for this work, Mosaic was tapped.

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3 PoC Opportunities for Manufacturing

To stay competitive and offer a superior customer experience, Manufacturers need to embrace data science and the shift towards data driven decision making. With the wealth of data Manufacturers now collect, AI consulting firms like Mosaic are positioned to help you build a strategic roadmap and execute along that plan.

“In order to stay competitive and offer a superior customer experience, Manufacturers need to embrace data science and the shift towards data driven decision making.”

Chris Brinton, CEO, Mosaic Data Science

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