Empowering Your Business with Strategic ML & AI Transformation Consulting

Meet Mosaic Data Science, your trusted partner for AI transformation consulting. We offer traditional management consulting expertise tailored specifically for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics. Our strategic engagement model drives data-driven decision-making, automation, and organizational improvements, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced AI/ML curve.

Not only do we provide hands-on development, but our team excels in mapping an organization’s readiness for AI-driven decision-making. We tailor our AI transformation consulting engagements to ensure you get the maximum return on AI investments from an unbiased, 3rd party point of view.

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56% of business leaders cite a lack of skilled staff as the number one barrier to AI adoption.

Why Choose Mosaic Data Science for Strategic Consulting

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AI/ML Readiness Assessments

(8-12 Weeks)

Mosaic performs comprehensive assessments that help firms utilize internal data for improved business decision-making, matching AI technology and personnel with organizational requirements and communicating the business value AI can realize to business stakeholders. Organizational change will be required to adopt new approaches in data science, and Mosaic is an excellent, objective third party to do this.

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Use Case Identification Workshops & Road Mapping

(4-6 Weeks)

Mosaic provides ongoing AI/ML support, requirements gathering, stakeholder interaction, data diagnostics, advisory support, and tactical workshops to guide a nascent or high-functioning data science team on which projects are the true low-hanging fruit ripe for AI/ML improvements.

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Model Evaluation Services
– Unpacking the Black Box

(3-5 Weeks)

Have you deployed a machine learning or AI model that is not performing correctly? Mosaic runs into this situation all the time. Too frequently, models are built without the mathematical depth to tweak parameters if something breaks. Mosaic can swiftly diagnose the problem, work through the modeling mechanics, and provide recommendations on how to correct the predictions. – What good are these tools if you cannot trust their outputs?

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Technical Training

(4-6 Weeks)

Mosaic’s tailor-made training curriculum offers courses both for executive & technical staff, emphasizing the business value driven by AI, effective processes for incorporating AI/ML tools and insights into business processes, and how to identify, develop, and prioritize AI/ML opportunities.

Delivering Comprehensive Results

Exploratory Data Analysis Report: Gain key findings, insights, and trends from our comprehensive analysis of your data.

Practical Assessment: Assess your current analytics capabilities, supporting infrastructure, and data assets to guide further development.

Analytics Roadmap: Receive a prioritized list of identified analytics opportunities and a roadmap for their development.

Existing Model Evaluation Report: Unpack the black box with recommendations for future-proofing and improvements.

Workshop Findings: Benefit from all presentation materials and findings synthesized from our targeted workshops.

Training Curriculum: Leverage the training materials for integration into your onboarding processes.

Mosaic is your trusted advisor in formulating an AI strategy that delivers practical and unbiased recommendations.

Let’s connect to explore how Mosaic Data Science can elevate your organization’s potential.

“Mosaic provided excellent knowledge sharing with honest candid discussions without a sales pitch to explain what is possible with AI/ML at our organization. It was a fantastic session and would to love sit through it again.”

Data Science Director, Global Energy Company

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Why Hire Mosaic Data Science for AI Transformation Consulting?

Broad Depth of Experience

Our boutique delivery style brings a broad depth of experience from 200+ successful projects. We put the customer first, ensuring tailored solutions that drive tangible results.

Empowering Enterprise-Wide Centralization

Centralizing AI and ML can be challenging for organizations not specialized in these technologies. Mosaic helps set the enterprise strategy and executes it flawlessly, guiding you toward AI-driven transformation.

Vendor Agnostic Approach

Our algorithm tuning is done safely and securely behind your firewalls, leveraging open-source tools. We also maintain partnerships with leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS, ensuring alignment and driving enterprise value.

Ready to Integrate the Power AI & ML?

Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey with Mosaic Data Science. Experience the impact of data-driven insights, automation, and strategic decision-making across your organization.

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