We are flexible enough to make just about any engagement model work for you, but here are some of our most popular.

Capability Development

Looking to build an analytics team or take your team to the next level? Mosaic provides analytics assessments, customized training, mentoring, and strategy consulting to help companies find their footing in today’s fast-moving AI world.

Rent a Data Scientist

Buried by projects? Going through a hiring freeze? Looking for a new analytical perspective? Mosaic’s data scientists can deepen your bench.


Let us cross that project off your to-do list. Mosaic develops initial Proofs of Concepts through production-grade data science applications, and everything in-between.

Model Deployment

Are you looking to efficiently and effectively deploy models into production? Yep, Mosaic can help with that.

Mosaic Engagement Process

Identify use case that will deliver most value to the business

Meet with stakeholders, users, and decision-makers to understand data & decision making processes

Exploratory Data Analysis to develop trends, summarization, and visualizations, prep for predictive analytics

Algorithm prototyping to match best predictive/prescriptive approach for the data, processes with an eye towards explainability, performance, or accuracy

Cross-validation of predictive/prescriptive algorithm to make sure the insights are providing business value

Model deployment and enterprise deployment support, requires different skillsets than algorithm development

MLOps & AIOps to monitor post-production results, looking for model drift, bias, and performance.

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