New Executive Order Sets Course for Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of AI 

The White House recently unveiled its long-anticipated artificial intelligence executive order, marking the U.S. government’s most significant attempt to regulate the technology and calling for AI assessments for all federal agencies, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

The “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence” Executive Order underscores the need for responsible AI use to mitigate potential risks in the face of recent rapid advances in artificial intelligence, such as the launch of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools that have accelerated a global movement to regulate U.S. tech giants. Mosaic Data Science’s GenAI Readiness Assessment was specifically designed with the latest LLM hype in mind, packaging our expertise in using these models into a robust evaluation of use cases that can benefit from ethical AI implementation.  

Recognizing the potential and challenges of this transformative technology, the administration is taking proactive steps to promote the responsible use of AI and aligns with recent global efforts to establish AI governance principles. The sweeping order outlines several guidelines for federal agencies, industry, academia, and civil society to follow: 

  • AI must be safe and secure, requiring robust, reliable, repeatable, and standardized evaluations of AI systems. 
  • AI must be fair and equitable, respecting human dignity, rights, and values, and avoiding discrimination and bias. 
  • AI must be transparent and accountable, enabling meaningful human oversight and control, and providing clear explanations of the data, methods, and outcomes of AI systems. 
  • AI must be innovative and adaptable, fostering a culture of experimentation and learning, and supporting the development of diverse and inclusive AI talent. 
  • AI must be collaborative and cooperative, promoting international cooperation and coordination on AI standards, norms, and best practices. 

Mosaic Data Science Prepares Customers for Responsible AI Deployments

The inadvertent introduction of bias into algorithms poses significant risks to businesses, including litigation, regulatory challenges, and damaged reputations. As a leading provider of custom AI and ML model development, Mosaic understands the power of these technologies. We recommend Explainable AI services and MLOps for any production deployment. 

When working with customers, we follow a rigorous algorithm bias auditing approach in alignment with the AI Risk Management Framework developed by the NIST. By following this process, Mosaic helps firms audit algorithms for bias and enhance their explainability, ensuring that AI systems are not only accurate but also fair and transparent in their decision-making processes.  

Mosaic Data Science firmly believes in a comprehensive approach to governing AI development and the importance of responsible AI innovation. That is why we have partnered with national law firm Epstein Becker Green and EBG Advisors, combining our award-winning AI capabilities with their algorithm bias auditing and risk management expertise to offer comprehensive solutions. Working with our legal partners, Mosaic can develop a comprehensive ethical AI solution for any organization concerned with AI risk. 

As the order states, “AI reflects the principles of the people who build it, the people who use it, and the data upon which it is built.” The implementation of the Executive Order will require cooperation among government agencies, the private sector, and academia to navigate the complexities of AI ethics, privacy, and security successfully. As a champion of AI technology and its extraordinary potential to make our world more productive, innovative, and secure, we are dedicated to helping firms harness the power of AI for good. Get in touch with us to discuss how our team of data scientists can support your firm with AI strategy and execution.   

About Mosaic Data Science 

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