AI & ML Project Support

Mosaic offers ML & AI project support in a variety of ways. Mosaic can support whether you are running some exploratory data science to investigate a use case or deploy AI intelligent apps into production environments.

These engagements take the form of a Proof of Concept to a production-ready tool and everything in between. We strive for excellent project outcomes, iterating with our customers throughout the analytics lifecycle. Mosaic’s data scientists are comfortable.

  • managing and executing projects,
  • supporting an existing team,
  • serving as an outside advisor,
  • or filling the data science requirement on an ongoing effort.

Test out an engagement with a small initial project to demonstrate Mosaic’s speed to value. Our proof of concept engagements typically lasts 1-3 months, depending on the scale and the number of predictions generated.

If the proof of concept proves to be successful, our client retention rate is at 90%, implement this model or suite of models into a custom tech stack. Our data scientists are experts at building machine learning & AI solutions that drive significant ROI and impact strategic and operational decisions. 

Proof of Concept | Algorithm Prototyping

Considering a specific ML or AI use case? Mosaic excels at developing advanced analytics solutions that predict a particular outcome. We can help scope down a large use case, such as inventory optimization or customer churn, to a specific region or set of customers. These engagements showcase our speed to insight differentiation in the marketplace. We have helped customers solve several business challenges, and we have likely solved a use case similar to the one you are considering.

Small Egos, Big ROI

Our team will generate creative solutions that combine industry best practices with innovative ideas with backgrounds in diverse fields such as operations research, social and life sciences, physics, math, and engineering. From some of the more advanced deep learning models to classic regression statistics, our data scientists are poised to help you figure out which set of techniques will deliver the most value to your use case.

Speed to Value

Whether you are looking for additional bandwidth to prototype a cutting-edge algorithm or want to know what “big data” means and if it applies to you, we’ve got you covered. Our world-class team of analytics professionals will work with your business, starting wherever you are now. From quick proof-of-concept (POC) sprints to enterprise-scale AI deployments, we are flexible and focused on efficient value delivery. We can also “teach your team to fish” with targeted training workshops and strategic consulting.

AI & ML Deployment

As more and more businesses have started embracing data science, the need for effective, efficient & reliable model deployment has started to rise. Deployment requires a different skill set than algorithm design and selection. Mosaic is vendor agnostic, staying well versed in several data & cloud platforms, and is adept at integrating R and/or Python scripts into consumable reports, dashboards, and/or visualizations.

Don’t have time to think about this now?

Customers Who Have Used This Engagement Model

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How to Get Started

Proof of Concept

Mosaic excels at prototyping cutting-edge algorithms that solve business problems.

Model Tuning

Mosaic employs techniques like MLOps to monitor modeling efforts.


Our data scientists can get insights into decision makers hands quickly.

We support just about any project and are comfortable jumping in wherever you are on the roadmap. Please let us know if you are considering data science support for specific initiatives. Please contact us to see if we are a good fit.