Our core business is data, machine learning, AI, and analytics. No matter what industry you are in, we can apply our expertise to your business. Our partnerships are effective because we listen to you, taking your deep domain knowledge into account in producing a data science solution that works. You can find Mosaic data science professionals supporting clients in the following industries.

Mosaic’s roots run over 15 years deep in the transportation and logistics industry. We have proven experience solving some of the industry’s most intractable data challenges.


Land | Sea | Air

Our data science team is adept at developing machine learning models across the advanced analytics spectrum, especially for utilities and energy companies.


electricity | natural Gas | Wind & Solar

Mosaic’s data-driven insights help consumer product manufacturers and distributors reinforce their decision-making processes, making substantial impacts on the bottom line.

Consumer Products

Food & Bev | Electronics | Household

Mosaic unlocks actionable insights for many players within the healthcare ecosystem, creating efficiencies and driving improvements in patient care.


payer | Provider | Pharma

Mosaic deploys data science tools to all aspects of the retail business, from supply chain to customer segmentation, helping to tie the big picture together and plan effective strategies.



Businesses that combine executive expertise and predictive manufacturing analytics are seeing an increased competitive advantage, along with a boost to the bottom line and better customer experiences.



Mosaic is the ideal data science partner for an oil and gas operator looking to inform strategic and operational decisions with AI derived insights.

Oil and Gas

Downstream | midstream | upstream

We have helped a range of service firms make more informed operational and strategic decisions, shaving dollars off the bottom line.


professional | financial | technical