Inspection Automation

Why this use case matters

Automating & improving human tasks is the most significant promise of machine learning. Deep learning models are excellent at processing image, video, and text data, classifying what they see, and feeding these insights into custom predictions. ML insights take the guesswork out of inspection.


Computer Vision – classification


Single-Shot Detection (SSD), Faster Region-based Convolutional Neural Nets (FR-CNN), Mask-R CNN, ResNet50, Retinanet, YOLO, RanSaC, Filtering, Auto-Encoders


Utilities can feed new images into apps powered by ML and have a machine accurately tag different parts of their infrastructure, saving them valuable time and identifying components that might need to be replaced or repaired.

Mosaic designed and deployed a custom computer vision solution for a leading utility to automate their inspection decisions.

Mosaic has compiled our industry expertise into a Machine Learning playbook for Utilities.