Mosaic helps utilities from all sectors make machine learning actionable, explainable, and scalable.

The energy industry segment has long been regarded as conservative when it comes to deploying digital technology. But the recent explosion of available data has forced several industry players to rethink how they operate as machine learning is reshaping everything from customer engagement to inspection operations.

The Utility Analytics Institute surveyed 42 major utilities focused on assessing the analytics maturity taking place within the utility. UAI asked the utilities to rate their company’s ability to process data with the available tools and technologies. After reviewing the results, UAI said, “In terms of whether analytics toolsets meet enterprise needs, most responses fell in the poor/limited and good categories.” Clearly, there is a need for user-friendly methods for managing data.

Utilities have a tremendous opportunity to be more efficient by using embracing data-driven decisionmaking. To power those insights, machine learning is a must-have to remain competitive & relevant.

Mosaic has compiled our industry expertise into a Machine Learning playbook for Utilities.