Deliverables (7-10 Weeks):

After the assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that includes:

Exploratory Data Analysis Report: Uncover key findings, insights, and trends to drive informed decision-making.

Analytics Capability Assessment: Gain practical insights into your current analytics capabilities and supporting infrastructure.

GenAI Roadmap: A blueprint guiding the development of data assets, tools, opportunities, and use cases.

Prioritized GenAI Opportunities: Identify high-impact opportunities with assessments of practicality and effort.

Infrastructure Gap Analysis: Pinpoint key gaps and necessary enhancements for success.

Next Steps & Process: A clear strategy for moving forward and realizing your GenAI potential.

Expertise & Guidance Beyond the report, we provide targeted proposals that guide you in executing the roadmap effectively. Our team is dedicated to supporting you in addressing areas that need support or agreed-upon use cases as prioritized during the assessment.