Mosaic to offer discounted rates for analytics services for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Due to the current global pandemic, Mosaic would like to offer our data science support to affected hospitals. For the foreseeable future, Mosaic will offer our data scientists at discounted rates to support healthcare professionals during this time of need. Mosaic is an excellent partner to consider for developing critical insights in the Healthcare sector. We have successfully deployed custom AI & ML solutions in clinical, supply chain & population health environments. We believe agile healthcare analytics can help overwhelmed hospitals to quickly understand trends and identify operational risks, focusing resources where they are needed.

Working in conjunction with subject matter experts, data scientists can swiftly apply statistical tools and uncover emerging trends. This is extremely valuable for companies trying to operate in a disruption. Not only will executives have an accurate representation of their present situation, but new service models can be devised from these insights. Agile healthcare analytics can inform decisions to combat overwhelmed hospital systems.

If you are interested in exploring how Mosaic can quickly spin up to support your operations, drop us a line here mentioning this page. Stay safe & healthy.