We transcend the hype surrounding machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. Our mission is rooted in these technologies—they are the bedrock of our transformative solutions.

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Leaders in the field of analytics, Mosaic Data Science is synonymous with cutting-edge data science innovation. As a top data science company, we empower a diverse range of businesses, from emerging startups to established industry leaders, guiding them to harness the full potential of their data. Situated in the dynamic Washington, D.C. metro area, our expertise spans across North America, delivering global solutions with a nuanced local approach.

Our Approach

At Mosaic, we pride ourselves on our boutique agility, which enables us to deliver strategic, impactful outcomes tailored to each client’s unique journey. Our approach is rooted in elevating your analytics capabilities through rapid prototyping, capability building, and foresighted strategies. Our diverse team, drawn from fields like operations research, social sciences, and engineering, fosters innovation at the nexus of industry knowledge and pioneering technology.

Your Journey with Mosaic

Imagine partnering with a leader in data science who not only customizes AI solutions but also cultivates your team’s ability to innovate. Mosaic is committed to your success, supporting you from the initial AI education all the way to sophisticated algorithmic deployment. Our flexible engagement model is designed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a proof of concept or an enterprise-wide implementation, ensuring efficiency and excellence in all we deliver.


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A History Rooted in Aviation Analytics

Since 2004, our parent company, Mosaic ATM, has been designing and deploying sophisticated air traffic management systems leveraging custom data analytics. This origin in high-stakes decision-making with predictive and prescriptive models distinguishes us as a top data science company. Unlike many competitors rooted in software development, our expertise in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to complex, real-world aviation challenges underpins our approach across all sectors.

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Our Team

Our data science experts specialize in varied disciplines, including operations research, physics, and engineering. This diversity fosters innovative solutions that blend industry best practices with fresh ideas. As a top data science company, we ensure that our solutions are not only understood but also trusted by all stakeholders involved, fostering reliance on the sophisticated tools we develop.

At Mosaic, we blend art with science. Our team’s headshots, reimagined through deep learning in the styles of iconic artworks, symbolize our creative spirit. We bring this blend of creativity and analytical rigor to each project, ensuring your strategies are not just effective but also inspire confidence and trust.

Chris Brinton | CEO & Co-Founder
Chris Brinton
CEO | Founder
More than two decades of R&D experience in logistics. Founded Mosaic Data Science in 2014 and Mosaic ATM in 2004. Leads numerous analytics projects focused on improving the efficiency and safety of the National Airspace system. MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford | BSE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton
Chris Provan | Managing Director of Data Science
Chris Provan
Managing Director of Data Science
Over 15 years successfully leading and executing advanced analytics projects for customers in a wide range of industries. Organizational analytics strategy coach and data science training instructor. Expert at integrating advanced statistical, optimization, and computer science techniques into decision processes to drive measurable impact on business outcomes. MS Operations Research, Cornell | BS Math Vanderbilt | INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional
Steve Atkins | EVP & Co-Founder
Steve Atkins
EVP | Founder
Analytics R&D experience for over two decades. Expert in decision support, advanced analytics and application of concepts to increase business efficiency. Numerous scientific publications. PhD, SM, SB Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT.
Drew Clancy | VP of Marketing & Sales
Drew Clancy
VP of Marketing & Sales
Marketing professional with over a decade of helping companies grow through innovative marketing program design. Sets marketing strategy and executes that plan through a test and learn methodology. Interacts with prospects and clients. MBA Marketing Management, Business Analytics Syracuse University | BA English/Journalism, University of New Hampshire.
Sean Osis | Director of Data Science
Sean Osis
Director of Data Science
Over a decade of professional analytics experience bringing together skills from data management, analysis, visualization, and primary research. Applies this diverse skillset to develop novel tools and technologies for a variety of industries, including sports and healthcare. Leads operations in Canada. MSc Sports Biomechanics, University of Calgary | BKin Biomechanics, University of Calgary | INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional​
Juan Rebollo | Chief Data Scientist
Juan Rebollo
Chief Data Scientist
Data scientist with over 10 years of experience developing statistical, optimization and data mining models with the goal of obtaining meaningful information from data and improving system efficiency. Experience in multiple industries, including banking, transportation, broadcast media, oil and gas, and retail. MS Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT | BS Telecommunications Engineering, University of Seville.
Mike Shumpert | VP of Data Science
Mike Shumpert
VP of Data Science
Over two decades of product/service development across diverse industries. Solid record of applying data science to produce double-digit revenue growth and cost savings in both small and large companies. Formerly VP of Analytics for Software AG and VP of Global Product Management for Dun & Bradstreet. MBA, Georgetown | BS Systems Engineering (Operations Research), University of Virginia.
Keith Rudd | Principal Data Scientist
Keith Rudd
Principal Data Scientist
Data scientist with over 10 years experience in research, algorithm development, and software development in Big Data environments. Worked on applications ranging from object detection/localization in overhead imagery to data fusion of multiple modalities. PhD Mechanical Engineering Duke University | MEM Engineering Management Duke University | | MS Applied Mathematics Northwestern University | BS Mathematics Brigham Young University
Priya Karanth | Principal Data Scientist
Priya Karanth
Principal Data Scientist
Multiple year's expertise in building AI/ML models across broad domains. Works closely with external stakeholders to define problems and collaborates with teams to develop effective approaches. Extensive experience using deep neural networks for computer vision and developing adaptive vision algorithms. MEng Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada | BS Chemical Engineering, Visveswaraya Technological University, India.
Evan Lynch | Principal Data Scientist
Evan Lynch
Principal Data Scientist
6 years of data science & consulting experience across a variety of sectors including logistics, healthcare, utilities, technology, government & defense. Expertise in solving complex optimization problems. Passionate about using machine learning and optimization to drive tactical and operational decision making. MS, Operations Research, George Mason University | BBA Operations & Information Management, UMass Amherst
Shaymaa Khater | Principal Data Scientist
Shaymaa Khater
Principal Data Scientist
Principal Data Scientist with over 12 years of experience in the data science field, with a wide range of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, including computer vision, deep learning models, natural language processing, and recommendation systems. Ph.D., Computer Science and Applications, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Blacksburg, VA | MS Computer Science Ain Shams University, Egypt | BS Computer Science, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Josh Noble | Principal Data Scientist
Josh Noble
Principal Data Scientist
Data Scientist with a decade of experience in AI/ML and advanced analytics across commercial, government, and academic sectors. Expert in remote sensing, computer vision, deep learning, and related areas. PhD Electrical Engineering, Penn State | MS Electrical Engineering, CU Boulder
Zach Cleghern | Senior Data Scientist
Zach Cleghern
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data scientist with several years of experience in using machine learning and analytics and designing and building data-focused systems to solve problems in a variety of domains. Experienced in modeling, including deep learning, data analysis, software engineering and cloud deployment with a focus on time series and sensor systems.
Austin Stegall | Senior Data Scientist
Austin Stegall
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist with several years of experience in providing AI/ML solutions across the energy and defense sector. Experience in deep learning, computer vision, and providing analytics solutions to engineering/automation applications. MS Data Analytics, Clarkson University | BS Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University.
Griffin Thornton | Senior Data Scientist
Griffin Thornton
Senior Data Scientist
Data Scientist with 5 years of experience generating value for customers from their data. Specializes in machine learning with experience manipulating a variety of data formats, from network data to text, to create actionable insights. Proficient in Python, SQL, and the Hadoop Ecosystem. B.S. - University of Michigan, M.S. - Loyola University Maryland
Alex Tennant | Senior Data Scientist
Alex Tennant
Senior Data Scientist
Data Scientist with years of experience in project scoping and design, research, optimization, statistical and mathematical modeling, model predictive control, machine learning, and optimization. Experience ranging from proof-of-concept and prototype modeling, to production models for clients in a broad range of industries. M.Sc Physics - University of Calgary, B.Sc Physics - University of Calgary. ​
Karis Jochen | Senior Data Scientist
Karis Jochen
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist with a broad range of business knowledge and experience supporting ML/AI efforts. Emphasizes solution optimization and maximizing meaning from data through feature engineering and advanced analytics. Skilled in python programming, text analytics and communicating technical solutions.
McKenzie Quinn | Senior Data Scientist
McKenzie Quinn
Senior Data Scientist
Data Scientist with 3 years of experience in providing end to end machine learning solutions in varying domains. Experience in natural language processing, forecasting, model deployment and data engineering. Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer | MS Data Science, Indiana University – Bloomington | BA Statical & Actuarial Mathematics, Saint Mary’s College – Notre Dame.
Brandon Chan | Senior Data Scientist
Brandon Chan
Senior Data Scientist
Data Scientist with years of experience in data analytics and developing machine learning applications in domains such as healthcare and chemometrics. Experienced in collaborating in multidisciplinary environments to create solutions from the ground up including data acquisition, data processing, model development, and model deployment. MSc Computer Science, Queen’s University | BComp Computer Science, Queen’s University
Melissa Rodriguez | Digital Marketing Specialist
Melissa Rodriguez
Digital Marketing Specialist
End-to-end content marketer who can handle strategy and execution to bring ideas to life. Passionate writer with a knack for words and 5 years of experience creating content for various marketing channels & industries. MS in Web Design and BS in Public Relations at the University of Florida.

Core Competencies

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